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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Email in: Necrons 2000

"My hope is to control the first turn of the game to get my units into the best positions with all my 24" guns, and get the scarabs and sypders as close or in contact with Mech as possible. Not 100% sure who Orkan hangs out with, maybe drop a Warrior and put him in the ark, or run him with the Royal Court and put one of the Transmog Crypteks with the Warriors.

Orkan the Diviner 165
Overlord w/ Warscythe 100
-Command Barge 80

Royal Court
2 Cryptek of Destruction 70
-Solar Pulse 20
2 Cryptek of Transmog 60

C'Tan Shard 185
-Grand Illusion 40
-Writhing Worldscape 35

10 Warriors 130
-Ghost Ark 115

5 Immortal-Tesla 85
-Night Scythe 100

5 Immortal-Tesla 85
-Night Scythe 100

5 Immortal-Tesla 85
-Night Scythe 100

Fast Attack
3 Scarab 45
3 Scarab 45

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge 90
Annihilation Barge 90
2 Spyder 100
-2 Gloom Prism 30.
(Psychic Def 4+)
1955 "

I think this is probably the best use of a C'Tan but the issue is you have so many points tied up in making this combination work. Not only Orkan (who also brings good utility elsewhere) but the C'Tan (who is otherwise pretty ass) and the Transmog Crypteks. I'd personally just forget the C'Tan , run two Courts and run a handful of Transmog Crypteks to disrupt your opponent (+ Orkan's ability) and then get a bunch more Lance Crypteks with the usual Solar Pulses. Excess points here can get some more Immortal squads (they don't need a Night Scythe) or expanding your Fast Attack (Jetbikes, Wraiths or Scarabs are fine here though I'd be looking at expanding the Scarab squads with whatever points you have left-over after you grab some more Immortals.

This way your army can disrupt your opponent with terrain and night fight but isn't completely built around it.

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