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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Email in: Shooty Shooty Necrons at 2k

"Hi Kirby,

I'm considering venturing into the cold depths of the tomb worlds for my new army and wanted to know what you thought of the following load out.

HQ Anrakyr with Command Barge 245
Royal Court Harbinger of Despair x2 Solar Pulse Eldritch Lance x2 90
Total 335

HQ Necron Overlord Warscythe Command Barge MindShackle Scarabs 195
Royal Court Harbinger of Despair x3 Eldritch Lance x 3 Solar Pulse 125
Total 320

5 x 5 Warriors Ghost Ark
Total 900

Fast Attack
2 x 2 Heavy Destroyers 240
1 Tomb Blade Nebuloscope 25
Total 240

Heavy Support
2 x Annihilation Barge, Gauss Cannon 180

Spreading the Crypteks out among the troops gives me 5 8/2 shots at 36"
with two individual volleys of 2 9/2 shots from 36" from the destroyers. (plus an one shot arrow from Anrakyr as needed) add in Anrakyrs ability to zoom over the board and make something else shoot at something at a full 30"

with the intent of popping a solar pulse on turn one if I don't go first or leaving the lights on and taking out any long range firepower turn one with the 36" shots then gaussing the crap out of any melta toting units in the second round. then just circling around the units and firing as the game goes on and they are de-meched. plus the two overlords sniping out ICs with the sweep attacks or used as additional anti mech if needed. should give the opponent a lot of targets to have to take out while still providing me with a lot of av 13 (until penned) boxes to shoot out of. Thoughts?

Any thoughts on"

The individual units look fine though I wouldn't bother with the single Tomb Blade but I'm just not sure 5x5 Warriors is enough scoring. Yes with reanimation protocols plus 5 Arks and the Crypteks in the squad, if the squad doesn't die they have a pretty good chance of getting back up but it's not that difficult to deal six wounds to a squad with majority T4/4+. Obviously the list is relying on Quantum shielding to protect these fragile squads and whilst AV13 is very nice, it's not unbreakable and once they break (if it doesn't destroy the vehicle), the vehicles aren't nearly as durable which puts the Warriors at great risk.

Again, beyond this I think the list is solid. The Heavy D's + Crypteks make up for the lack of entropic strike and you've got a lot of ways to suppress enemy vehicles as well with mass Guass Flayers and some Tesla destructors. Back this up by double Warscythe Barges and yourvehiclebelongtome and the firepower and army synergy is there...the question is - can the MSU Warriors in Arks work? I haven't playtested this so I cannot give an answer but my theory would be as above - it's risky but potentially doable.

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