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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Email in: Necrons list 2000

"Well the much anticapated necron codex has arrived and i think this codex will be a generals codex. I struggled to come up with a balanced list for the crons but here is my outlook so far.

1 Overlord - pharon, resorb, warscythe -150
1 Overlord - pharon, resorb , warscythe -150

Royal Court - 5 crypteks - 3 destruction
1 destruction - solar flare
1 transmorgification - seismic crucible -200

Royal Court - 5 crypteks - 3 destruction
1 destruction - solar flare
1 transmorgification - seismic crucible -200

1 Triarch stalker - 150

9 Warrior - 117
Ghost ark -115
10 Warrior - 130
Ghost ark - 115
9 Immortals - tesla- 153
10 Immortals - tesla - 170

Fast Attack
3 scarabs - 45

2 Spyder - gloom prism, repair claw - 125
1 Anhilation barge - 90
1 Anhilation barge - 90

The spiders i think are pure awesome when taken for a counter assualt unit, there toughness and wound allocation means they are actually going to survive long enough to get there attacks in, also the Mc status will help against dread noughts not to mention that after 3-4 turns of spawning scarabs they have almost paid for themselves in points.

The immortals help bring the punch with the tesla, warriors get the overlords and transmorgification crypteks, the overlords for the reanimation potocols and a few power weapon attacks in comabt to help with combat resolution and the relentless. the seismic crucible and the quake if used together on units should hopefully help you stay out of combat for at least one turn and slow the advance of you oppanent at least, and give you another chance to focus fire the threat away with the twinlinking from the stalker. also with the ghost arks it is hopefull that the warrior squads stand up to some punishment along with the 4+ reanimation, so as to take the focus away from the immortals.

The stalker i can see working great with the warriors and ghsot arks for heavy vehicles ( landraiders , vinicators ), with twinlinking all your gauss weapons and focus firing hopefully you can glance it, thats 29 gauss shots if 1 of each gauss flayer array is in range on the ghost arks.

The idea is to buy yourself time ot do damage, solar flares for the first 2 turns of your oppanents, which gives you time to build up scarabs and start widdling away at your oppanents mobility with the anhilation barges, crypteks, immortals and warriors then turn 3 you introduce the new threat of the charging scarabs while keeping the presure off your vehicles. also theres enough infantry to create a bit of a buffer to stop melta getting its extra 2d6 pen and with night fight might be able to limit the amount of heavy werapon fire being directed to your vehicles.

The other aspect is the av 13 saturation, you have 2 vehicles that replenish my troops and are putting out 2 *5 gauss and 4 eldritch lance, 1 walker thats twinlinking all my fire against one unit and 2 transport suppresion vehicles, also theres the golden opputunity of sniping out scarabs (go to ground for a 2+ cover and waste there fire) at the start of the game or pinging the spyders off. So theres lots of tempting targets for the heavy weapons in your oppanents army.

The idea is to stay at max range denying combat for as long as possible and being able ot move forward or back and fire to full effect while doing this. Beast units are going ot be scarry, and armies with large amounts of feel no pain, i'm not sure about imperial gunline, seeing as how they have spotlights so not sure how much of an effect nightfight would really have on them. Spacewolves with jaws will mess with it not to mention acute sense and the spotlights. I watched my mate play 2 games yesterday and nightfigth is not as safe as you might think, with most armies having some sort of ability for it, night vision/acute senses or spotlights it won't be as simple as using a solar flare and laughing at your oppanent fail at shooting when all they have to do is use a few spotlights."

Agreed Night Fight isn't the be all and end all but if you use it well, it's going to help you control the board early turns and get into position. I think you're spending way too many points on the Overlords and not getting enough benefits. I think if you want to use them as they are, you need to run the Warrior squads at 15 strong so they really are a pain to remove with Arks + res orb. And then, taking two of them just seems to be excessive. I'd personally want to run these guys as ScytheBarges so they can add some extra punch to your army. You can then run the Warriors as small squads in the Ghost Arks with the attached Crypteks which saves you some points.

Splitting the Immortal units and running them all with Tesla is also probably going to reap some rewards but depends a lot on how the Royal Court is FAQ'd - if you can put two Crypteks from two different courts into one squad, well that gives larger squads more options and viability. Sypders and Barges are fine (though adding the Command ScytheBarges would really help here as well) but the Scarabs are kinda piddly. If you go small squads, you really want to have lots of them (i.e. 3x3) so you can hide them and threaten multiple tanks whilst the Spyders let you buff one squad. Three scarabs is just too easy to kill and make the spyders far less useful (who only really need a gloom prism).

The single Stalker is also a bit annoying. They are certainly excellent pieces when you have a bunch of tesla around (cough Immortals) but having one is kinda crap as it's very easy to disable for your opponent. If you can squeeze the points to take a 2nd one, I'd do so. This is most likely goingto mean droppping some Crypteks though (which might be a must do if the FAQ says only one Cryptek per squad full stop).

Anyway, the main suggestion is be careful with large Warrior squads + Overlords. One can work but when you're dropping 300+ points into HQs just to make your Troops just okay, well it's not a great idea honestly. Taking one is fine but two...less so. So either move to one Warrior unit like this or switch the Overlords to BargeLords.

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