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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Email in: Storm Wardens 1750

"Howzit Kirby! I really love your blog and actually learn a lot from it!

A couple of years ago I quit 40k because I felt the fluff/lore was bland and there was no surprises in store as a whole because of the two inevitable fates of the galaxy (crons kill everything or nids eat everything, NOM[strange because they are among my favorite armies...]). I am very fluffy, but I also like to be competitive as well. I got the new 'crons book as soon as it came out and loved the fluff for Imotekh and the Sautekh dynasty. So with that in mind I tried to make a list that would be able to use the Stormlord's special rules to their full capacity. I also have this thing for using only what models GW currently has, call it... mild OCD.

Anyway, here's how it looks

Imotekh the Stormlord 225

Royal Court:
Cryptek w/ Harbinger of Destruction, Gaze of Flame, Solar Pulse 65

Immortals x10 w/ Tesla Carbines 170

Warriors x9 w/ Ghost Ark 232

Warriors x9 w/ Ghost Ark 232

Immortals x10 w/ Gauss Blasters 170

Fast Attack
Scarabs x7 105
Scarabs x7 105
3xHeavy Destroyer 180

Heavy Support
Doomsday Ark 175

Annihilation Barge 90


So the idea is basically to solar pulse and barrage out on 1st/2nd turn and have the ghost arks take advantage of their considerable length to take away LoS from my firebases and disgorge necron warriors behind them. This is mainly meant to be a "shooty" army, but no plan ever survives contact with the enemy right?"

I'm not sure if I like the Warriors + Ghost Arks in this list. I feel running 5-6x Immortals with Night Scythes in their place and using the spare points for some Lance Crypteks would go a long way to increasing the firepower of the list = specifically anti-tank. Problem Night Scythe models. I think you could get away without having the Night Scythes currently but would highly recommend getting the Traveller in a Barge then. Also, changing the Doomsday Ark to two Annihilation Barges - Doomsdays are pretty blah IMO. Although they do have Quantum Shielding, they are a very expensive one gun vehicle and prone to all their problems.

Anyway, with the concept in mind you have I'd drop the Warriors + Ghost Arks for medium sized Immortal units, grab some Lance Crypteks, Traveller + Barge and trade the Doomsday for two Barges. This keeps the same level of vehicle saturation but ups your anti-tank a lot whilst staying with the same theme.

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