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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet the Gang! (Ward Eight, Part 1)

Having finished the first few models of my Necromunda gang, Ward Eight, and gotten ahold of a halfway-decent camera to get some pictures with, I think it's high time I finally posted some actual models of mine for people. And thus: an introduction to the members of my gang.

Position: Gang Leader
Armament: Plasma Welding Torch (Plasma Pistol), Dead Dog (Sword), Knife

Dogwelder is the heroic captain of Ward Eight, the man who lead the rebellion against the psychiatrists and doctors that had imprisoned them in the world above and brought them down to the depths of the Underhive. A silent and imposing man, he never speaks a word, making his will known only by gestures and actions- for which his underlings only respect them all the more. He is a force of justice in the savage settlements and unexplored hives, laying his wrath upon any who would violate his strict codes of conduct. And in the Court of Dogwelder, there is only one punishment, no matter the crime- to have a dead dog spot-welded to one's face, though he may show small mercy to a repenant or underage criminal and merely weld the dog to their arm or torso. When he strikes, he strikes silently from the shadows, applying his unique brand of justice before fading back into the shattered ferrocrete blocks and crumbling structure that lie everywhere, only the screams of his target and the faintly nauseating smell of charred fur and flesh left hanging in the air.

It is also possible that Dogwelder is just a crazy autistic man who hates canines and humans with equal fervor.

Position: Gang Member
Armament: Chain, Cleaver (Sword), Knife

Pigskin is a bad, bad man- his momma always told him so. Working on the processed meat combine all day long, little Pigskin saw a lot of accidents with the machines- boys and men who got chopped up, crushed, flensed, eviscerated, and all sorts of other nasty fates. Work always had to stop when it happened and everyone would gather around and shake their heads at the sadness of it all, but not little Pigskin; he knew that the people who got fed into the machines got eaten up because they were weak and stupid. When the techpriests came around to fix things- the metal men served the giant machines, because they were half flesh, and thus still prone to imperfection. The weak, mewling masses served as only food for the machines, because there was nothing else they could offer. Little Pigskin knew the secret: he could become like the machines if he, too fed on the flesh of the weak.

It took them a long time to catch him and send him to the sanitarium, and by that time he had grown big and strong. Not as strong as the machines, maybe, but he knew that day would come. He's eaten a lot of weak, stupid people, but there's still room for plenty more, and maybe someday soon he'll get to start stepping beyond the weaknesses of flesh.

Doctor Jerusalem
Position: Gang Member
Armament: Autopistol, Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Knife

It is okay for Doctor Jerusalem prescribe drugs for people because he is a doctor- that's what they do. Even if the drugs are for him, that's okay. In fact, that's much more than okay, that is wonderful. So wonderful that he prescribes all of the drugs he can find right into himself immediately. You might think this would be bad for him, but you would be wrong- his journalistic powers allow him to take in every iota of what is happening to his body and write it down. People tell him that Journalism doctorate does not give him the authority to give medicine to patients, much less himself, but Doctor Jerusalem beats these people to death with his meat gun.

His meat gun is not the pistol he carries with him; it's the other meat gun.

(The meat gun is his penis.)

Doctor Jerusalem stays with Ward Eight because he shares a mutual loathing of dogs with Dogwelder and because if you're going to get fucked up on drugs, you might as well hang around crazy people while you do it, because they're the only ones who aren't going to kvetch and whine about the way you act afterwards.

Mad Dog
Position: Gang Member
Armament: Autogun, Axe, Knife

While most of the members of Ward Eight can lay claim to various forms of madness, Mad Dog stands out from the rest in his own special way. After all, when your companions are escape mental patients, it takes a special kind of weirdness to get a nickname that starts with "mad." And mad he is, in both senses of the word- furious that the Serpentum Primus of Hive Omega is stealing his lesbian cake recipes, supremely confident that his lucky magic underwear will protect him from any harm, and liable to forget either of these things (and any other facet of his madness) at any given moment.

Although he is usually regarded as a source of amusement for the gang, even the more sociopathic members are leery of provoking him, as Mad Dog is as likely to throw down his weapons and try and bite his opponent to death as he is to snap off two dead-center sots from his rifle. His unpredictability makes him an excellent distraction during fights, especially combined with the loud rants he usually throws at the enemy.

So those are the first four of my gang members (with seven more still to be painted.) There are a number of small details that need going-over and touching-up; Jerusalem's tattoos could probably use a highlight, his and Mad Dog's bases need the water effects applied in the "sewer" side of them, I'm still not happy with the way Dogwelder's faceplate came out, etc. However, they are at least presentable right now and, in general, I'm fairly happy with the way they've come out. I also need to add rust stains to the bases, but I'm waiting to do that en masse, as all of the gang will need it and I'll be doing a bunch of terrain pieces at the same time.

For those interested, Pigskin is from Armorcast's Spinespur line (though I can't seem to find his model available anymore), Jerusalem is from the Wasteland Desperadoes line from Copplestone Castings, and Mad Dog and Dogwelder are both from Hasslefree.

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