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Friday, December 23, 2011

Email in: 1000pt Necron list



I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the following list and give me your opinion:

1000pt Necrons

Nemesor Zandrekh – 185

Cryptek – Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse, Gaze of Flame – 65
Cryptek – Tremorstave, Seismic Crucible - 40

10 Immortals – 170
Tesla Carbines

10 Warriors – 130

Triarch Stalker – 150

4 Destroyers – 160

5 Deathmarks – 95

995 pts

33 models

1 HQ
2 Elites
2 Troops
1 Fast Attack

Thanks a lot

David Padwick"

1000 points is a feral animal as you're going to have a hard time making a balanced list - there are too many ways to make unbalanced lists which can do well against balanced lists. However, beyond that the list still has some issues - there are a couple of units which don't really have a purpose (Warriors) or aren't as flash as they could be (Deathmarks, Destroyers) and whilst Nemesor can help one of these units, he can't help them all at once.

Otherwise you have a serious lack of anti-tank with the only vehicle in your army also being your main anti-tank threat. This makes it easy for opponents with tanks to target the biggest threat to them and dominate you on the tabletop.

So the question really is - what do you want to do with this list? Is it a stepping stone for 2000 points where you grab some Scarabs, Annihilation Barges, more Stalkers and more Troops? Or is it something you want to buy, build and play with now without thought towards the future. Either way, some things need to be looked at and potentially tweaked (i.e. look at the units I just listed) so your tank saturation isn't so low at this level and you have more anti-tank overall. Personally, I'd drop the Deathmarks and Destroyers for some Scarabs and Barges and split the Warriors and Immortals into smaller squads and grab some more Lance Crypteks for them each.

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