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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Email in: DE Army list

"Hey Kirby,

I recently started playing 40k, and took my sweet time deciding on a race. I finally decided to go with Dark Eldar because I like their design and I wanted to be a special snowflake. I don't quite have a grasp of DE yet so i was hoping that you would be able to take a look at my Army list and give me some tips or changes to make it better. I would love to find a spot for a beastmaster, but i'm not sure how well it would mesh with my comp.

10 Kabalites (1 blaster, 1 splinter cannon, 1 Sybarite with Ghostplate armor)
10 wyches (1 Razorflail, 1 Hydra Gauntlet)
10 wyches (1 Razorflail, 1 Hydra Gauntlet)
3 raiders (Disintegrator cannons, Night shields, Flickerfields, Enhanced Aethersails, Torment grenade launchers)
4 Incubi
Archon (Huskblade, Ghostplate armor, Clone field, Shadowfield, Combat drugs)
1 Haemonculus (liquifier gun, Webway portal)
10 scourges ( 4 heat lances)
10 wracks ( 2 liquifier guns, Acothyst has Agoniser)
1 venom ( Splinter cannon, Night Shields)

I plan to have the archon tag along with the incubi in a venom for hard targets."

There's too much diversity and not enough overlap here I feel. I'll take a look at everything you've got.

Warriors - fine though drop the Ghostplate armor. They are a pretty decent unit at 1500 points (not sure what points level this is but looks around that) and although 5x Warriors in Venoms are always going to be more efficient, these give you more bodies.

Wyches - Need Hekatrix and Shardnets are the best option IMO. If they are in the Raiders getting Haemons for each squad for early FNP isn't a bad idea otherwise if on foot coming out of the WWP, grenades are very good as would be incresing the squad size.

Raiders - way too many upgrades. Keep the Dark Lances, take one of the shields or none (personally I run mine bare but I have a lot of Venoms available) - Aethersails on assault based Raiders and shock prows are also a good buy. TGL are okay on a few but not a necessity.

Incubi + Archon - Small Incubi squads have issues of being shot down to the point of being irrelevant. I prefer to see these guys at 6-7 strong so a couple deaths doesn't make them nearly useless. Archon doesn't need both fields and armor.

Haemon - fine but you need to decide if you want a WWP based army or not. Mixing it generally doesn't end too well.

Scourges - Not the best places for heat lances - better off with Haywires, Dark lances or Splinter Cannons.

Wracks - where are these guys going? Aco isn't really needed nor is the large squad - they aren't an assault unit. Running them as 2x5x squads with Liquifiers and a transport though are great scoring options which can do some damage as well.

Venom - fine.

The list itself doesn't feel like a list but more like you've picked out units or wargear you like and just thrown them together. It's hard to critique that in a way to a functional list as there are so many ways we could go. I'd use the above unit analysis and what you like to pick out a list concept you want to build around. Something I would recommend, particularly if you want Beastmasters, is Trueborn in Venoms, Wracks and Wyches in Raiders, Ravagers for Heavy Support (their lack is a huge negative as well I'm afraid) and then Beastmasters in Fast Attack - flavor to your liking. That keeps most of what you have (really only losing the Scourges and Incubi) whilst adding some army unity and the Beastmasters.

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