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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Email in: Necron Foot list

"Hi Kirby

Relatively new reader enjoying your work. Do you have a moment to critic a list please? I got to play in my fist comp recently with the new Necrons. I have seen a foot list on your site already. This list goes with warriors mainly instead of immortals.

Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron
10 immortals
Lord with war scythe and mind shackle scarabs
2 * Spyders 1/w fabricator claw
2* 6 Scarabs
4*5 warriors each with Harbinger of Destruction +1 solar pulse
5* Tomb blades w standard Gauss
Command barge (bought for Zahndrekh but used by royal court lord with war scythe)
I will have to deploy the lord beside the barge and embark turn 1
1500 Pts

Ok so not 100% foot but close enough. I made the barge cheaper by putting a standard lord in it. I don't feel so bad boosting it towards the enemy lines as they don't last long in metla range. Zahndrekh provides orb support for 10 immortals and lord with WS and MSS. Obyron ports them out of CC if required but generally leaves the group to counter attack and roll on his own for a while. Furious change granted to Obyon would be given via adaptive tactics when he does for Str8 power weapon hits. He is great at killing MSU and punking T4 HQ's. Even hidden power fists have to land all three hits to take him down. He either dies or gets 10 S8 power weapon attacks back with Cleaving Blow.

Scarabs and spyders to advance to mech or hug terrain producing more scarabs. Tomb blades turbo boost turn one with Zahndrekh stealth support for a 2+ cover save turn 1. Tomb blades are focusing on light transports or heavy weapon squads like long fangs /devastator squads. They can be given tank hunter for better str but also given tank hunter to a harbring for a S9 Lance shot. Warrior units get into some cover and let the harbringers do the work. Any vehicles get close gives a change to glance to help the scarabs bring the mech down. After this mostly running away from combat to keep shooting.

These little warrior units are tough. Focused fire power on them and they fold but with scarabs, spyders, tomb blades and command barge in your face it is difficult to have anything left to shoot at them. In assault they are LD10 and rarely get swept.

Zahndrekh tactics really are a boon. Taking stealth off scouts with cameo cloaks or striping furious charge off orks is very effective. Obyron with furious charge is a nasty mix. Lots more combos to be had with tactics but these where the ones that helped the most when I was playing.

What do you think? One solour pulse enough protection to get into position or do you think it will get eaten alive?

Best Regards,
Rob Edmunds"

Overall, looks okay but a few things. Teslamortals would really suit this list better. Whilst Ld10 and 5 guys means the Necrons are unlikely to be swept, they are simply unlikely to be alive and the sweeping is only going to get a couple of guys anyway. This is true for all small Necron units but the Immortals with Tesla can at least bring firepower 24" away and aren't just there to hide a Lance Cryptek. The idea of jumping the Lord into the Barge is a cute one though you lose some utility when the Barge dies.

I'm not really a fan of the Zahn + Obyron combo. I know they work well together but its just so expensive. I'd rather just take Zahn and use Obyrons points on getting those Warrior into Immortals and maybe buffing their squad size a bit. Also, the Tomb Blades with particle casters (? think it's casters) are probably your better option than the Gauss.

However, I'm not sure if the list has enough anti-tank - 4 lances + the barge and whatever you hand tank hunters (for likely S6/S7 shots) backed up by the Spyders. Even at 1500 that's a bit light. Dropping one of the Spyder squads and grabbing two Annihilation Barges might be a good idea - it makes the list more Hybrid but it also reduces the vulnerability of the lone Command Barge as well.

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