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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Email in: Foot Necron list @ 1750


"I finally finished working on a footcron list, and wonder what you think of it. I've tried to display what my thought process was as I made this list, and typed while it was being drawn up.

So to start off the list, I want to use Doomsday Arks. 2 of them seems good.

Doomsday Ark - 175
Doomsday Ark - 175

Now we need our meat and potatoes that can put out some midfield AI fire and squat on objectives. 9x Warriors + 1x Tremorstave Cryptek will get us 1 glance at 24" and 2 at 12", as well us making the vehicle have a chance to immobilize itself if it moves next turn. It's also annoying to infantry, making them slower. We'll take three of those units.

9x Warriors w/ Tremorstave Cryptek - 143
9x Warriors w/ Tremorstave Cryptek - 143
9x Warriors w/ Tremorstave Cryptek - 143

Now we can increase the tremorstave efficiency against vehicles and make them kill more infantry. Also, I just want to run a C'tan. So let's make him also be able to lend some shooting power to the list.

C'tan w/ Writing Worldscape and Pyreshards - 235

Some solar pulses in the list would be nice. We can take two, and stick the solar pulses into the warrior squads, which we can do and still have the tremorstaves by having 2 royal courts.

2x Lance/Pulse Crypteks - 110

So, where do we sit now on points?
1124. Ouch. Let's drop 1 Solar Pulse, so then we don't have to get another HQ, saving us some points here in a minute. We also will need to drop a tremorstave, but we'll get some back with what I have planned.

So, with these drops we're now at 1039. Sounds a little better.
Adding some more 24" range firepower? Sounds good to me.

9x Warriors w/ Tremorstave Cryptek - 143
5x Immortals w/ Tesla and Tremorstave Cryptek - 115

This sets us at a total of 1297...not shabby. Since we're going to 1750, what can we add? Anti tank and counter-assault. We also need an HQ. Let's start with the AT. Scarabs come with the warrior box, so we'll use those. A squad of 6 against most vehicles that moved combat speed will destroy it 5 times over, and they will still overkill a land raider. With all the tremorstaves and glancing that's going on, you've got a pretty good chance of auto-hitting some immobilized or stunned vehicles. For 90 points, we'll take two.

6x Scarabs - 90
6x Scarabs - 90

Total so far - 1477. We're nearing the points cap here. So let's grab an HQ and then see what we have left to work with.
The HQ has to be able to take a royal court, so that narrows it down some. Imotekh is too costly, and hurts the list more than he helps. So we're left with the generic Overlord, Zahndrekh, Trazyn, and Anrakyr. Zahndrekh brings the most to the list, so we'll take him, and then an annihilation barge because it's cheap.

Nemesor Zahndrekh - 185
Annihilation Barge - 90

So now let's add it all up...1752. Darn. Since this is a tournament list, we can't be 2 points over.
Drop a warrior from the Solar Pulse Squad, and add in a seismic crucible.

The final list:

Nemesor Zahndrekh - 185
Royal Court - 185
C1 - Eldritch Lance and Solar Pulse
C2 - Tremorstave and Seismic Crucible
C3 - Tremorstave
C4 - Tremorstave
C5 - Tremorstave

C'tan w/ Writhing Worldscape and Pyreshards - 235

8x Necron Warriors - 104 (C1)
9x Necron Warriors - 117 (C2)
9x Necron Warriors - 117 (C3)
9x Necron Warriors - 117 (C4)
5x Immortals w/ Tesla - 85 (C5)

6x Scarabs - 90
6x Scarabs - 90

Annihilation Barge - 90
Doomsday Ark - 175
Doomsday Ark - 175

Total - 1749

Thoughts on the final list?"

Well you're going Footcrons yet have vehicles... :P. Simple changes IMO with the fact that you have vehicles - drop Doomsday Arks in favor of Annihilation Barges, drop one Warrior squad and then add Ghost Arks to the rest. If you have spare points another small Teslamortal squad would also be a pretty good idea.

The issue with this list, like many lists I've seen, seems to be anti-tank. Gauss only does so much and Doomsday Arks aren't exactly reliable anti-tank. Otherwise you only have one Barge for suppression and one Lance for high strength attacks but you have a lot of points sunk into terrain affecting units. I think moving towards the Barges + Ark concept would be a good idea as you get more suppression fire which can allow your Scarabs to be more effective though you're still running a bit light on AT.

If you're going for the full Footcron concept...well you'll need to max out of Scarabs I think and drop the token tanks (obviously) and grab Spyders. Personally, I don't think this is a good list as you're relying on the Scarabs to be part of your main damage arsenal rather than a part of the gestalt whole. So unless you're really adverse to purchasing tanks, I'd look to do the above changes rather than sticking with the Foot concept.

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