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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Email in: Necron 1700 pt Tourny list Idea.



I was wondering if you and or your AWESOME team could review my list and give me any pointers or thought I should consider. This is being built for a 1700 pt tournament list, so here we go:

After spending several daughting days and nights reading the Necron codex, forums, etc. I find myself wondering if the math would really help my effeciency of the Necrons in general. Yes we have a lot of neat stuff, tricks, and such but I feel that the shiny effect has taken over. Here is what I have found in my math is that the overally effectiveness to kill (marines in general) goes to the Gauss Weaponry. And the overall point difference in killing I can get about 39 Warriors for the same cost as 30 Immortals and killing: 39 Warriors (24" 6 (15%)/ 12" 12(30%)) vs 30 Immortals (24" 4 (13%)/ 12" 9 (30%)). Ok, now this isnt a great deal difference I know but to consider other factors like saveing throws at 3+ (66%) Immortals vs 4+ (50%) Warriors. Now for me the next two are the most important in the survivability race, 10 man squads vs 20 man squads (this is important because of the way Reanimation Protocall works, if the squads wiped out no rising from the dead) and Repair Barge (yes I know 115 pts) but to replace d3 models per barge for warriors gives the warriors a pretty damm core choice. And to make them effective they are going to need Pharon rule. So for the Core:

2x Overlords Staff of Light/Pharon/Res Orb (280 pts)
2x Cryteks Harbringer Eldritch Lance (70 pts)
2x 15 Necron Warriors (390 pts)
2x Ghost Arcs (230 pts)

So we need support for the core, now i have looked into reliability (template wpns) vs raw power (non-template) and saw a little of the same type of trending, the Annihilation Barge with telsa wpns just are not cutting the mustard, so I am left with 2 clear choices Destroyers and Triarch Stalkers. Which lends to this very shooty army very well, with the Targeting array, and marine killing wpns from both unit types. So for the Support:

2x Triarch Stalkers (300 pts)
3x 3 Necron Destroyers 2 Heavy Necron Destroyers (420 pts)

Total Infantry 49
Total Vehicals 4
Total points 1690

Lorenzo "

A few things with the list - anti-tank is a bit low. Heavy D's, Stalkers and a couple Lance Crypteks are nice but won't really cut it - if you had more Lance Crypteks though... Also, only having the two large Warrior units as scoring is limiting. They are very durable to shooting, not so in combat so your opponent can quite easily throw all their anti-infantry at your Destroyers until they get close enough to assault and then sweep you away. All those points put into durability are then wasted.

As I've said before, I think the concept of the large Warrior squads supported by Ghost Arks are fine but you need more around them than you have currently. First, I think this option will be best if you can take double Lance Crypteks in Warrior squads if you have two Overlords. Second, I'm not sure if having two of these larger squads is the best way to run such a list, particularly below 2000 points. They are durable yes, but if they only have one Lance Cryptek, you're putting a lot of points into the Warriors + Overlord + Ghost Ark which does nothing really against tanks outside of Gauss.

With that in mind I'd be taking one of the large squads only and then grabbing a bunch of smaller squads in Ghost Arks with double lance Crypteks. Put the 2nd Overlord in a Command Barge with Warscythe or run the Traveller in a Barge. This is going to up your anti-tank potential with more Lance Crypteks and give you more options on the field with more units whilst still ensuring the Necron Warrior unit is durable as hell (plus the 5-man squads with double Crypteks can still regenerate models if the opponent doesn't wipe them out once the Arks start dying).

Run that as your core instead and then support it. I think units of two Heavy Destroyers are a good idea as you get some more high strength, low AP firepower to support the Crypteks (and if you're running double Lance crypteks all your squads are putting out two of these shots) but the Stalkers less so. Your army currently has a huge issue with close combat and melta-weapons (they don't care about your silly little AV13 quantum shielding). So you could either go for more firepower with Barges or grab some units like Wraiths/Scarabs to screen/counter-assault the rest of your army. This however is going to reduce the amount of Heavy D's you have. Whilst the Stalkers are nice, particularly with the twin-linking ability, they aren't really helping address the weaknesses of the list so I think spending the points elsewhere is a better idea.

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