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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Necrons: Gimmick list!

Most people should have an idea about solid builds of the Necron codex by now, which gives space to exploring some other options in the codex. This list isn't aiming to be balanced or anything, but simply tries to do something... different. I think it could be very amusing to try out if you're into that kinda thing. I got kinda intrigued by it myself, maybe you will too, maybe you wont. Interested? Read on!

The idea started with the 'Writhing World' power of the C'tan. As long as the C'tan is on the battlefield, difficult terrain becomes dangerous and tests for (already) dangerous terrain become a fail on 1 ánd 2. Pretty potent in itself, as vehicles treat difficult terrain as dangerous already; so now will immobilize themselves 1/3 of the time, assuming no dozer blades (which almost nobody takes anyway).

Now what can we do more with this? Orikan makes it that all enemy units are moving through difficult terrain the first turn. Oh hey, that synergies well with Writhing World, doesn't it? Yes it does. So basically if the opponent has deployed, it will immobilize 1/3 of the vehicles he moves the first turn. Alright. How about trying to punish the opponent for not moving then? Can we do this and if yes how?

Enter Scarabs. Scarabs chew up up vehicles which stood still. Now the idea is that you aim for a 2nd turn charge with the Scarabs, as your opponent gets punished for moving in his 1st turn. But here lies a little problem: What if you don't go first? Then its less effective indeed, a lot less effective, cause then your opponent will be able to move during his 2nd turn and 1st turn charges with scarabs is not a thing which can be relied on at all. Can we solve this?

Yes, we pretty much can, with Imhotek the Stormlord! He seizes the initiative on a 4+. When you explain to your opponent that you have the ability to seize on a 4+, often they'll simply give you the 1st turn, as deploying 1st and getting seized is often bad... More so because Necrons can afford to gamble on getting the seize, as when they don't, they have Night Fight to protect them. (Which is why Asdrubael his seizing ability is more of a gamble or less effective: If you deploy aggressively as DE and not seize, then you get blown of the board pretty much)

Now he automatically comes with Night Fight, until you fluff your roll for it (or choose not to roll for it anymore). Is this bad? It's a double edged sword, but in this case it's more good than bad: We wont have many points left for a lot of shooting with 2 expensive HQ's, a C'tan and Scarabs + Spyders anyways ;). Ah, his Lightning Strike ability adds more passive damage, me likes.

What do we want more in this build? We got good chances of immobilizing quite some vehicles and hurting infantry which decides to move on the 1st turn and/or setting up for a lethal Scarab charge in turn 2. What if the opponent just reserves? This means a couple of things: Your opponent will come in pieces on the board, a thing why most people try to avoid reserves and rightfully so. But not having them to deal with difficult terrain, cause Orikan his ability only works turn 1 is a bummer. However, we have access to a ranged weapon which does the same thing to the unit it shoots at: the Tremorstave! Alright, let's add a couple of those then too, in min sized Warrior squads. We'll want some immortals too as forward advancing troops. In the end, I'm coming to this list atm:

Imhotek 225
Orikan the Diviner 165
C'tan; Writhing World + Dust 240
4x Tremorstafe, 1x Solar Pulse 175
4x5 Warriors 260
2x10 Immortals 340
8 Scarabs 120
8 Scarabs 120
3 Tomb Spyders; claw + gloom 175
3 Tomb Spyders; claw + gloom 175
Total: 1995

Some notes now:
-The Tremor Crypteks obviously each join a Warrior unit. These *can* reserve and try to come on in turn 2 by help of Orikan his reserve re-roll. This way you can shoot at the units you want pretty much, unless the oppenent hugs his board edge. If you expect this, don't reserve probably ;) Ah, if Imhotek his Storm is still raging you can use your Solar Pulse. You can also wait for it till turn 3 if that's better. The 4 Warrior units form your home objective campers too, protect them with the C'tan if you expect the oppenent will be able to reach them. C'tan hugs cover and tries not to die to keep Writhing World active as long as possible. (or move him up too if you think it will pay off)
-Spyders obviously buff both Scarab units and makes them able to reliably get that 2nd turn charge off. (8" of extra movement in total and 12 extra Scarabs). They themselves are MC's which are decently hard to kill, due to wound allocation. Gloom Prism adds protection against Jaws and Lash. Unless FAQ'ed you can attempt to stop them with both if within range.
-The HQ's can either join the Spyder units or simply walk with the Immortal units. Orikan is dangerous for your oppenent, as he can suddenly turn into a wannabee C'tan for 1 or 2 turns. Yes, it's unreliable, but so also unpredictable for your oppenent. Imhotek is kinda lamesauce in combat, but he's got a very sweet Staff to scare people from getting too close: Yeah that little Staff of him has the potency of literally wiping complete units in the open lol. Short ranged though.

Just an idea and I'm pretty damn sure there all lots of situations in which this army will just fail to do what it aims to do, no need to tell me really ;)

It's just something which might be fun to mess around with.

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