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Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet the Gang! (Ward Eight, Part 2)

Time for the next installment of my Necromunda gang, which will have some pics of other gangs and battles as a special bonus feature at the bottom as well as a quick blurb on where we've gotten so far.

Name: Smilin' Charlie
Position: Gang Member
Equipment: Autogun, Gelignite Cream Pie (Frag Grenades)

Smilin' Charlie is a real laugh riot- that is to say, he is the sort of person who enjoys laughing at riots. Dressed in bright, happy colors and carrying the customary tools of his trade, he travels about the Underhive bringing cheer and mirth to all who live there, whether they want it or not. His repertoire is endless- dead puppy jokes, dead baby jokes, dead mother jokes- Charlie knows them all and more. Not only that, but he is a master of physical comedy and the art of the practical joke as well- nothing sets a man's face alight like discovering that his "glass of water" actually contains highly flammable alcohol compounds! Ho-ho, what a jest!

Despite all rumors to the contrary, he is in no way related to Richard Nixon. The eerie similarity of their faces is just a trick of the light. It's just a trick of the light.

Name: Roxy
Position: N/A (not currently part of gang; will be a Heavy later)
Equipment: Missile Launcher, Frag Missiles

(Roxy is not actually a member of my gang at the current time, since I did not have enough starting cash to afford her in addition to the eleven other gang members I was fielding. However, luck willing, I intend to save up some credits and add her to the gang in the near future; my luck in rolling an Archaeotech Horde for one of my territories helps this immensely.)

Roxy, like most of the young folks recruited to the gang, isn't nearly as insane as the founding members- that isn't to say she's entirely normal, as she willingly plays with unstable packages of high-explosive death each the size of her head, but she lacks the outright lunacy that characterizes the elder members of the gang. Unlike many of the other juveniles who joined, she did so with few illusions as to who and what she was allying herself with; it was less than a day from her initiation before she had to deal with... "overtures" from Mr. Giggles, for which she was entirely prepared. Roxy considers there mere fact that she carries her trusty DAW Personal Anti-Tank Missile Launcher to be a warning shot, and so anyone who attempts to coerce or intimidate her is given no second chances.

Still, at the end of the day it's better than being stuck in the Progenium being bored out of her skull, innit?

Name: Handbanana
Position: Juve
Equipment: Autopistol, Banana (Knife)

Where Roxy is one end of the spectrum in terms of the gang's new recruits, Handbanana is somewhere at the other. His reasons for joining the gang were simple: he was hungry. His methods were likewise fairly simple: observe what the others did, copy them. Unfortunately for Hand, his powers of deduction are... limited at best, so he wound up coming to the conclusion that the gang was some sort of costume-themed one and he prepared himself accordingly with the only costume he was able to steal, assuming that he would later be able to change into a better one.

Things didn't go as planned. While he was welcomed into the gang, his every attempt to switch identities has been met with varying degrees of ostracization and mockery; it seems that Mad Dog, Pigskin, and Mr. Giggles are all infatuated with the prospect of a 4'8" human banana dashing from cover to cover and taking potshots at the enemy alongside them. Poor Handbanana is thus stuck in his "temporary" garb, as even Dogwelder has decreed (in his own way) that it is to stay. Even though he has downed several enemies and grown into a real tough guy in the last few months, he is still treated like an amusing nephew or family pet.

But one day he'll show them. He'll show them all...

Name: Luke
Position: Juve
Equipment: Autopistol, Sword, Knife

Name: Fat Pony
Position: Pony
Equipment: Fatness

As inseperable and timeless as Lassie and Timmy, Luke and Fat Pony are a dynamic duo that...

What? No, of course it's not a regular pony. Don't you ever read any of the fluff for this game, you WAAC asshole? It's a well-known fact that the Shetland Underhive breed is perfectly adapted to live in the shadowy ruins of the lower city. Like mountain goats, they can scale even near-vertical surfaces (such as ladders) with ease and their compact, flabby bodies more easily absorb the impact of falls and flying debris in this dangerous realm. Having lived on Necromunda for thousands of years, they are a perfect example of micro-adaptation to a climate, requiring less food and water and being more resistant to the various toxins. If ever there was a perfect mount for the city-bound Necromundan, truly it is the Shetland Underhive.

Where was I? Oh, right. Luke and his faithful Fat Pony are two stupid, stupid creatures whose main instinct is to charge directly into the source of any danger, adventure, or excitement they can find. Their continued existence is sometimes used as a counter-argument for Darwin's theory of evolution.

Also, a preview of the remaining members of my gang:

(From left to right: Mr. Giggles, Bunny Boy, The King of the Underhive, Safe Susie and Padre Violence.)

Fatty With a Shotgun and his juve buddy take cover behind some monotone ruins.

A lazy Sunday massacre; Ward Eight takes on the Masque of the Red Death. An enemy Heavy (top center) keeps everyone on their toes as Bunny Boy and The King try to sneak by (bottom left.) Dog Welder and Smilin' Charlie (bottom center) prepare to make a break for it as Safe Susie and Mad Dog (above them) provide covering fire from the walkways. Doctor Jerusalem and Pigskin (bottom right) move around to flank, unaware of Fatty With a Shotgun and his friends who are doing the same (not visible.)

Advancements Thus Far
We've had some pretty crazy rolls on the table so far; for example, Prospero, leader of the Masque of the Red Death, managed to roll up +1 Movement, Sprint, and Leap already and is thus crazy fast. Our other player (playing a Biblical-themed gang of Delaques painted like neon 80s street toughs) got unlucky and rolled up three Leg Wounds in his first battle, but is otherwise limping (hurr) along pretty well- having a pair of Heavies, one with Stubber and one with H.Bolter certainly doesn't hurt things any.

My own heavy, Mr. Giggles, has managed to get something of a perfect storm of advancements (partly due to getting at least two wounding hits every battle) and is now BS5 and two Wounds, which makes him a prime target for Ambushes from now on. Doctor Jerusalem has managed to get lucky and roll up Medic off an Any Skill result, which I was rather happy with. (Chemist being the other one he would try for on that list.) Pigskin has, unfortunately, been the brunt of a lot of enemy fire and now suffers from an Old Battle Wound and a Head Wound (which really likes rolling Frenzy), but picked up +1 Attack (meaning he's six attacks on the charge when Frenzied- yikes!) and Hard as Nails, so he's now toting around Mesh Armor for a 4+ save. Safe Susie has not only picked up a small arsenal of weapons for Padre Violence (Boltgun, Laspistol, Hand Flamer) but also acquired a Grav Chute to make any hop from an upper floor as gentle as a baby's kiss. Because what's the point in having a floating machinegun robot if it doesn't actually float?

Bunny Boy has managed to get himself up to BS4 and proper ganger status, so he was granted a Shotgun, but the cigars he smokes have taken a toll, alongside the smoggy air of the underhive, and he also lives with an Old Battle Wound. Handbana is apparently gunning to become my next Gang Leader and is Ld8 and I4 along with Mv5- he has gotten lucky with a number of shots against other big kahunas in enemy gangs. Last but not least, Luke and Fat Pony (my last remaining actual Juve) have toughened themselves up to a ridiculous three wounds one for Luke, one for the Pony, and one for... the fatness? They've made several suicide dives since them while carrying Loot tokens or aiming for enemy gangers.

The campaign, while it hasn't had a lot of battles so far, has been tons of fun and we're slowly getting some more folks recruited into it. If you're in the Corvallis, Oregon area and are looking for a cheap, amusing game to start up, I would highly encourage you to give Necromunda a shot, as it's a real blast.

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