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Monday, December 12, 2011

Presenting ... Centurion 2012

I would like to present: Centurion 2012

In 2010, we saw 0 no-comp events in Queensland. In 2011, the first was Centurion. With a turnout including players from Sydney and Scotland, as well as our local Queensland players, it was an amazing event. We have seen a proliferation of events since then, and while I cannot justifiably claim credit for this... I will anyway.

This year we have made some modifications to the player pack, some changes to the format and a new location.

Core details:

System: Warhammer 40k
Date: March 3rd/4th 2012
Location: Rockhampton QRI Hall.
Cost: $50 pp. This includes lunch both days and a special player pack for all players. (Last year this was 36 dice and 2 or 3 objectives).
Points: 2000 points
Rounds: 5 Games.
Other: No-comp, W/L NOVA format.
Spots: 64 players at this point.

Overview of event:

At Centurion we are trying to cater to hobbiests and competitive players. There are 2 simultaneous streams running at the event, W/L and Overall. These are ranked on the same results from every game, and the overall scoring takes into account painting and sports.
Let's break this down a little.

W/L only takes into account the result at the end of the game. It is possible to draw a game but amazingly unlikely. Each round has 4 missions: Kill Points, Table Quarters, 5 Objectives and Victory Points. The primary/secondary/tertiary order changes each round, and should you draw on a mission, you use the next round down to find the winner. (Thus, the only way to draw is to draw on Table Quarters, Objectives, KP and VP, which is damned unlikely).

Overall looks at the quality of the game you played as the "battle points" for the overall calculation. By this I mean that if you capture a total of 20 objectives over the course of 5 games, you get 80% (20/25) of the battle points for that mission. This applies to all 4 mission objectives, and counts regardless of primary/secondary/tertiary order, etc. At the end of the event we will be able to show you, based on the percentages acheived, how you actually went at the end of the event. If you lose on a game's primary but "massacre" on secondaries, tertiaries and VP's, you will acheive a better result for your overall score than your opponent. Wins and losses don't matter here, it's purely rated on your performance. (Of course when you win you will usually have better scores in more than one of the four missions).

Seeding of rounds
The first round will be seeded by Kill Points which will pit you against armies with similar numbers of units. The first game's Primary Mission Objective is, unsuprisingly, KP.
From there you will be pitted against only players with the same W/L ratio as you have. This means you should always be playing people that have the same progress in the tournament, and your games are guaranteed to get harder faster.

We are suggesting players stay at The Criterion Hotel - , which is where many players stayed last time.

We are giving prizes to all undefeated players (there may be more than one), W/L 2nd/3rd, Overall 1/2, Painting, Sports and Players choice.

This year we are being sponsored by a local company run by a local gamer and TO. Tannum Wargaming and Toys ( will also run a shop on the weekend for the players to spend their hard earned cash at.

Player List
New thread soon...

Player Pack
Just prettying it up now and will have it for your perusal prior to xmas.
If you are interested the WGAU links for more info are :
Player Pack:
Player List:

See you all there!

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