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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Email in: Zoomcrons 1970 pts

"Hey Kirby,

Thanks again for your critique of my previous list; I knew I needed more Immortals! I recently read a ~1,850pt tourney list email-in and I decided to have a go at this "Scythewing" concept you mentioned, incorporating your adjustments to the original list:


• Anrakyr the Travller – command barge

• Royal Court – x4 crypteks, +4 harbingers of destruction, +1 solar pulse


• x2 Triarch Stalkers


• x4 Immortals squads – x5 teslamortals, Night Scythe


• x3 Doom Scythes

I'm wondering if the stalkers have a place in the list at all as anti-tank or if they would slow the army down too much, and/or if I should replace them with another Teslamortal-scythe and some scarabs? With the other 8 vehicles being fast, 7 of which supersonic (Zoom-Zoom!), I wasn't sure if the stalkers would just be left in the dust or if their speed would be negligible; however, their anti-tank potential is spankin' (not to mention these models will be sick-as-bawlz looking when they're released) and they provide more durable armor saturation. Scarabs would be nearly as slow as the stalkers, and have a much smaller threat range.

The list is also a whole 30pts shy of 2,000 and I'm lost on how to get it higher; dropping both stalkers for another command barge (overlord+warscythe) and 10 scarabs would bring it to 2,000 flat, but I'm not a fan of this as I wouldn't be able to capitalize on two solar pulses. Is the 30pt gap that big of a deal?

As always, your comments are much appreciated!

- Kaelis

P.S. kinda hoping "Zoomcrons" catches on... xD"

The Stalkers do stick out and I think running another Teslamortal + Scythe in your Troops would be a better use of points. Grab a 5th Cryptek for them to hang out with and them expand with small Scarab squads to pounce on stationary vehicles and provide differing threat ranges into midfield - then you'll have a lovely Scythewing list ^^. You could also run 2x Scythebarges over the Travellerbarge but the Traveller does bring some nice utility to the table.

Scarabs in small squads can provide a lot of threat. They are small enough to hide behind terrain features easily and with beast status have a 24" threat range. Even squads of three will tear apart stationary vehicles or at the worst, leave them on tiny AV values for the rest of the army to pick apart. Just need to be careful in terms of Troops - 20 Immortals isn't much at 2000 points so the extra Teslamortal squad would be very handy.

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