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Friday, January 20, 2012

Guest Article: Infinity Introduction II

Old Shatter Hands has kindly decided to do some posts for us about Infinity! Enjoy :).

Hit the deck! Infinity is coming at you with increasing speed. You can't deny that in the last 8 months Infinity has found its niche on the world stage of table-top war-gamingGne. Thanks to Beasts of War's videos, awesome figures and colorful paint-jobs, the game in enjoying a time of growth and expansion. I picked up the game because of the miniatures. I wanted a game system that wasn't overwhelming in its scope when you sit down to paint. However, what hooked me was the game's ruleset. It's so detailed and offers a wealth of options for the player.  

I volunteered to write an article for Kirby's blog in response to a request for content. My goal is to create a series of posts that inform you about the game, giving an honest look at all that is entailed to help you decide whether Infinity is right for you.

First let's take a look at what sets Infinity apart from other games.  
  • Infinity features an innovative ruleset. The central game mechanic, the order system, is unlike any other game system and it provides an extremely fluid style of play. There are rules for camouflaged troops, hacking enemy computer systems, ducking, dodging, launching guided missiles and even providing surpressive fire. The ruleset simply provides a layer of depth that I haven’t found elsewhere.  
  • The rulebook and expansion is free. It seems Corvus Belli recognizes that their primary products are the miniatures, not the rules, and so in keeping with that, they offer their complete ruleset as a free downloaded PDF file. It’s almost like you can’t afford not to get it!
  • Free online Army Generator. Corvus Belli also provides an army builder for free on their website. This allows you to generate army-list fast and easy. You won’t ever need a calculator! One thing our group really enjoys is creating dream lists and looking at other factions to see if there is a list you might like to try.
  • The miniature range is large and simply stunning. There are tons and tons of miniatures and some of the highest quality and stylish sculpts out there. Many of the models are dynamic; models leap over barricades, fire upon the enemy in full sprint and take cover from enemy fire. They are your favorite comic book poses in 3-D.
  • The game is loaded with options for your troops. Your troops have the greatest weapons of their time at their disposal; flame-throwers, electro-magnetic grenades, and heavy machine guns among others. They use stealth and subterfuge to gain the element of surprise, while enemy troops hack into the computer systems that regulate their power armor. Massive mechas, or TAGs in Infinity, crash around the board like walking tanks and remote drones scuttle about fighting or acting in a supporting role. 
In the comments section below, I can answer any initial questions you may have about the game and miniatures. In future articles, I plan on covering the following topics:  

1)     Infinity miniatures
2)     Basic game mechanics
3)     A look at the factions
4)     Game Tactics and Tips
5)     Overal Game Review and Analysis

For more information about Infinity, visit their website and my gaming-group’s collective blog. Links below. You can find a surprising amount of videos on Youtube to scratch that infinity itch.  

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