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Monday, February 13, 2012

Imperial Armor Rules Updates for Tau

It appears Forge World has updated some of the rules for units, particularly a number of Tau and Imperial Guard ones. Most of the IG stuff is largely meaningless changes, but the Tau units open up a number of interesting options.

Remote Sensory Tower

Not only a Markerlight in the Troops slot for a reasonable cost, but also lets you reroll misses if you're within 6" of it. That's pretty solid for 40pts, especially if you know you're going to be clustered up on a static point of defense. If you aren't fielding Tetras in your FA slots, you would definitely want one or two of these.

Tetra Speeder Team

The upgrade from one-shot Markerlights to four-shot ones is... "significant." Combined with Disruption Pods (which are free) and a Targeting Array (for that lovely BS4), they become a premiere way to field Markerlights. For 110pts (2x Tetra, TAs), you can average five ML hits each turn, and with significantly more survivability than Pathfinders. If you're allowed to use IA stuff in your games, these are almost certainly going to take up one or two slots in your Fast Attack. Remember that they can also pull double duty in place of Piranhas, move-blocking enemy units when necessary. The fact that they have a somewhat smaller profile than the Piranha means they are a little less efficient at this job, but with cheaper cost and some excellent utility, it's hard to turn them down. Tau already have access to good AP1 guns, so the loss of Fusion isn't really a problem for them.


Not that you're going to take anything other than the Railgun, but why is the Plasma Cannon only AP3? All of the gun choices here are... inexplicably terrible. The Burst Cannon does end up with a slightly improved profile (S6, just like was rumored! I told you guys!), but overall they're just really, really bad choices.


A couple very nice changes that breathe a little bit of life back into the army, although they certainly don't fix any of the real problems it suffers from, nor do anything to fill the gaps in the list. However, they're certainly not downgrades, so it's something to be happy about, and Tau players really have to take whatever they can get these days.

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