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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Battle Report: Mech BA v Mech GK

Continuing the masses of bat reps this week, we have the other BA v GK game and this one was a doozy. The reason I posted this was on later was to have the article on game plans done so we can reference it here. This is a practical example of what happens when you simply ignore your early movement plan when there was no reason to do so.

Game was Kill Points and Spearhead and I won roll-off and went first. I went first to get up the field as much as possible so I could put pressure on the Grey Knight army. With Spearhead and Kill Points, it was advantage GK in terms of mission but with my speed I should be able to neutralise the initial salvo and limit the area they are able to move back and shoot with.


With this in mind, all my Razorbacks + Rhino deploy up front ready to move 18" and use the central piece of terrain to block LoS or provide cover at the least. The Attack Bikes would move behind them and most likely give me 2D6 melta the next turn. Dreadnoughts + Speeders deployed on the left hand side of my deployment zone so they could shoot through the middle of the board.

Denis deploys as far back as possible with his Dreadnoughts + Chimera clustered around some ruins and the Rhinos + Razorback hanging out behind them ready to move forward and dump Grey Knights with retreating room. The Paladins go into reserve to deep-strike.

Denis sezies.

Grey Knights Turn 1

With the seize Denis moves up to try and limit my forward push with the fast mech whilst also downing my most mobile firepower units - the Typhoons. This is done whilst ensuring there is a no-man's land beyond the central piece of terrain to ensure the Blood Angels can't scoot up behind it and then the next turn move through it and come out right in range of the Grey Knights - more than likely an extra turn of firepower will be weathered whilst the Grey Knights can also retreat.

Shooting sees on Typhoon destroyed, the other stunned and one Attack Bike fall over.

Blood Angels Turn 1

Being seized wasn't too bad as my Razorbacks/Rhino were still mobile but losing the Typhoons hurts, particularly when they could have been hidden out of sight further back and used their 12" move to engage during my turn. Them's the breaks. My Razorback wall advances mostly 18" but for some I move some only 12"...they aren't in range and should be pushing up as much as possible, particularly since they all have dozer blades. Naturally though one immobilises itself so the contents hop out and run. The Attack Bikes also move up though are too far out wide and can therefore be shot - they should be hiding so they can come out next turn and smack something around.

My shooting is pretty lacklustre with only three MMs and two Rifledreads in range - all damage is negated by cover.

Grey Knights Turn 2

The Paladins come in with some Psychic Communion help and deep-strike near the Typhoons thanks to some Servo Skull help. The Rhinos and Razorbacks advance laterally across the board to maintain distance from the Blood Angels whilst opening firing lanes to any Marines which spill out of transports. If that fails, they have some pretty Psycannons to throw at Razorbacks or can shoot at the Attack Bikes.

Shooting sees the Typhoon stunned again and the weakened Attack Bike squad wiped out (1-0 GK). The other attack bike squad (which is Fearless from Red Thirst) goes down to a single member. Dreadnought fire is also able to stun the Rhino with the Tactical squad.

Blood Angels Turn 2

Despite not having moved full speed last turn, I still have an opportunity now to put a lot of pressure on the Grey Knight list. I would be sacrificing shooting but I don't have much this turn regardless. Instead I wiggle around for some shooting and sending one Razorback forward (which smokes). The remaining Attack Bike high tails it to preserve the Kill Point whilst the Dreadnoughts move forward and away from the Paladins.

Shooting sees me kill four Grey Knights with Assbacks but am unable to damage any tanks.

Grey Knights Turn 3

Paladins move up to assault the Typhoon to get that extra bit of movement (from assaulting not consolidating). Razorback moves forward and pops smoke to protect main avenue of attack from Blood Angels next turn whilst weakened Strike squad jumps into a Rhino and parks behind it. Other Strike Squads move backwards with Rhino getting out of the way behind the ruins.

Shooting happens and takes down the Rhino with the Tacticals inside (killing one) and the lone overextended Razorback; the contents of which pile out into the ruins and out of Line of Sight (Denis pointed this out ^^) and thus protecting them from mass stormbolter firepower.

The Paladins engage the Typhoon in combat and take it down (4-0 GK).

Blood Angels Turn 3

I finally move forward with the majority of my force but due to taking so long, it's a half-assed force coming at the Grey Knights. The Tacticals are on foot and the wrong side of the central piece of terrain so footslog + run. And I've only got two remaining operational Razorbacks... I move my Razorbacks to where they should have been Turn 2 (if not closer to the Grey Knight lines) and jump everyone out. Four ASM squads point their meltaguns towards the Razorback & Rhino whilst their supporting fire lines up as well. The Dreadnoughts keep moving forward whilst the Attack Bike lines up a shot on the Paladins (can't be arsed hiding it at this point).

Shooting sees the Rhino in the ruins Immobilised and the Razorback immobilised, stunned and lose its weapon. No further damage is done to the Grey Knight infantry.

Grey Knights Turn 4

The Paladins keep moving through my backfield and line up the lone Attack Bike. The Grey Knights retreat a little bit more and line up all their impressive anti-infantry at the disembarked ASM squads with the Dreads used as support.

Shooting sees both of my Priests dies (whilst their squads generally survived) along with the lone Attack Bike (7-0). The Psyfledreads stun one of the Razorbacks and explode the other (giving the Strike Squads even greater shooting access to the ASM) and we wrap it up at 8-0 to the Grey Knights. Without my Priests I have no hope of beating the Grey Knights in combat and have very little shooting or mobility left.


This is a classic example of not listening to your battleplan and getting smoked. The Blood Angels army is fast and much better suited to a game up close and personal. I didn't move at max speed as got to where I needed to be Turn 2 by Turn 4. I got timid and was afraid of overextending myself when my army needed to overextend itself to push the Grey Knights into a corner and bring lots of FNP/FC bodies onto them. Grey Knight combat can be annoying effective against FNP Marines but their shooting isn't despite by inability to save my Priests when shot at. Add in the Tactical squad is a huge target amongst the smaller squads and it was singled out and basically removed from the game from suppression. Mixing squads is fine but there needs to be more than just one large squad otherwise opponent's get too easy target priority. Add in a couple of other mistakes like Typhoon deployment and you get the whitewash that you saw here.

Lesson: follow your early movement/battleplan.

Anyway, good job to Denis for capitalising on my rather horrendous mistake and I'm glad  I was able to get payback in the other game! Certainly need to tweak the list though and will get back to the drawing board and get another 10+ games in with the new one :P.

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