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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Email in: BA 2000 Stormraven list



As a long time gamer who is just getting back into 40K after a hiatus and really enjoy your blog. I have been updating my BA marines and I was wondering what you thought of the following 2000 point list.


Assault Terminator Squad 2xSS & TH, 3x LC
Sang Priest

Furiosio Dread w/ Blood Talons, Melta and Heavy Flamer

ASM (5 man) w/ LasPlas Razor

ASM (5 man) w/ LasPlas Razor

ASM (5 man) w/ LasPlas Razor

Death Company (5 models)

DC Dread w/ BF. Melta and Heavy Flamer

Stormraven, TLLC, TLMM, EA

Stormraven: TLLC, TLMM, Hurricane Bolters

Baal Pred, TLAC, Heavy Bolter, EA

Split Mephiston, Termies, and the 2 dreads between the Stormravens. Seems like I should have some good assault options with a decent base of fire. Looking forward to your feedback."

Two things. First, you have a lot of points sucked into those Stormravens with the additions of the Dreads & Combat units. Second, your scoring is very light, particularly with the DC doing nothing. Stormravens are run best when they have either a Dread or a unit inside - decide what you want more. Personally, I'd go with the Furiosos as they make great compliments to ASM units which most Blood Angel lists are built around. You can still keep Meph, you just don't need to run him in a Stormraven but rather hide him amongst vehicle hulls.

This means you can get rid of the TH/SS and DC + DC Dread (though if you wanted to keep the TH/SS in the Stormraven, drop the DC + DC Dread and Furioso instead) and then spend points expanding your force. I'd do this mainly with more ASM in Razorbacks and potentially grabbing some more support fire- whether it's Predators, Devastators or Dreadnoughts is up to you though Devs might find their LoS blocked with all the vehicle hulls.

You don't really need the Priests in a LasPlas based list as you're generally going to be less aggressive but they can still provide some support options for the army, particularly if you're looking to get the ASM out and about. Regardless, you should be getting at least meltaguns on these guys so when their ride pops, they can do something.

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