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Monday, May 7, 2012

Paint an army in 2 weeks - this is madness... THIS IS ORK HORDE!

Hey folks, a long time since my last army painting series I bring you what is the biggest challenge yet and one that will be hard for me to match in the future!

Mayhem Mayfest is six days away and I am 7 days into painting the army I will be taking. For some reason I got it into my head that I should take orks, now a typical ork army has a lot of models, probably in the 100ish ballpark. In a moment of madness I made error number two, horde orks!

All told the army has 194 models (if my math is correct), that is a lot of models and right now I am realising what a bad mistake I made!

Anyhow as it stands now on the seventh day since I started I have built all of the ork boys + kommandos (161), of those I have painted 70 and the others are fully base coated and shaded. Oh and to top it all off I haven't had a chance to go to a GW store locally so I'm limitted to the paints I have here and that is only 10!

Anyhow here's some pics of so far!

So that's the first 70something built, all the boyz have double shoulderpads, all together it's about 250 for the whole army, just a small bit of plasticard bent to shape. All the boyz also have goggles as I don't like ork eyes and i love goggles!

Here's 30 boyz that I've just finished off from the base+shade+skin highlight in three hours. The next 80something are there too!

So here is those 30 lads, the hair still needs to be painted as do a few bits and pieces like ear-rings, also basing needs to be finished but theis gives you some idea of the standard I am aiming for across the horde!

Anyhow, time to have a rest before the next day of painting begins, until next time loves :) xx

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