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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6th Edition 40K Crib-Sheets

6th Edition 40K Crib-Sheets

Ever go to a tournament and wish you knew every important threat, armour value and save in the enemy army?

We’re coming to the end of 5th Edition of 40k and I am happy to put my hand up and say that even now, and even as an avid tournament player who has won state and national championships, I don’t know every single special rule and all the ins and outs of every single codex off by heart - and I doubt I am alone in this!

What I have done in the past is make Crib Sheets for tournaments that I print and keep with my army list (I used to label them ‘40K Cheat Sheets’ but found out that apparently has some sort of negative connotation lol). These are a nice simple combination of a dozen or so special rules in bullet points, and then the vital statistics of the biggest armoured vehicle threats from the other armies. I should mention the ones in the image are examples only, so don’t go out of your way to squint to read them all or you are bound to be disappointed, lol.
The goal with these sheets is always to keep it as brief as possible, just the important facts and reminders so that if faced with a less common army or brand new codex you can see at a glance which Nid MC has a 2+ and which has a 3+ save or which Necron Vehicle counts as AV13 but is also open topped, or a reminder that since you only ever roll 1 dice vs Wave Serpents you might as well stay at long range with Meltaguns etc.

These sorts of things may sound trivial, they may sound like minor details, but believe me when it comes to playing up to 8 games over 2 days in a crowded noisy hall against a wide variety of opponents and armies…

Start your 6th Edition Tournament Games with a Bang

Gameworkshop are about to upset the apple cart and turn much of the balance of the game on its head. We’re about to have a huge amount of changes and updates to rules that will alter many of the things we thought we knew, so now is an ideal time to expand the 'Crib Sheet' idea across the board. If there is sufficient interest in this, I’d like to turn it into a series of downloadable files for any wannabe-contender as part of my Tournament Guide series.

The goal will remain to compile only the vital info that will fit on a single A4 page and make nice, clear, simple, legible guides to every army in the game. These can then be popped into plastic sleeves, with your own army on the front, and used to accelerate gaming without having to ask to see your opponent’s codex or scratch your head and wonder what to hit first, or accessed on your iPad if you are a trendy-gamer.

The Wisdom of the Crowd

Since this is for the public rather than my own use, I’d rather get some of the people who know each book best involved. I am going to first see if I can get any volunteers from the various people who write on this site and would like to do a Codex they know well. Then we can open up the initial bullet-point lists to the public, get comments and additions, fine tune any changes and make them downloadable. It should be a nice, quick process.


Apart from gauging whether there is sufficient interest to make producing some A4 sheets worthwhile, I’d also be interested in whether people prefer the reliable printability of downloadable PDFs, or the flexibility to customise by adding and deleting things in Word.

So what do you think, would you be interested in downloading a brief rule compilation, would you use them all or just cherry pick a few rare codex* crib sheets?

*even in 6th, this will still be a synonym for ‘Non-MEQ’

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