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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Discussion: Fears & Hopes of 6th edition

So whilst I'm painting some Attack Bikes for one of the final 5th edition tournaments, I thought I'd get a discussion going. 6th edition is right around the corner. I'm sure you've all been reading the rumors and having thoughts about what the upcoming edition is going to be like and how that affects you.

So the discussion question is: based on these rumors, what is your major hope and fear for 6th edition? I'll start it off.

Hope: 6th edition becomes the Hybrid edition we've all been waiting for. Mech and infantry spam will be seen but the majority of armies end up being a solid mix of both creating a greater potential for diversity on the tabletop.

Fear: Marines will still be the overwhelmingly dominate army stereotype and the random psychic tables, charge lengths and terrain. If I wanted unbelieving random I'd go gamble!

So, have at it and maybe this information can feedback into any community projects if 6th edition ends up being a bust.

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