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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Email in: Grey Knight Challenge

"Dear Kirby,
First off, the obligitory. Long time lurker, first time e-mailer. I think the site has some great advice to players both new and old (like me: I started back in 3ed. I do sometimes miss the days of the good ol' Rhino Rush, I used to play Blood Angels). 
Right, onto the challenge! I was looking among the list compilations and was poking around the Grey Knight codex (I do this quite often with all codexs really) and was thinking of possible lists with the dex again. Now, me having the Interceptor squad as one of my favorite units (or any ranged Jump Infantry, really). I was wondering what kind of lists you could come up that use it. I play games on Vassal with my girlfriend all the time and we generally go for the 1500 range but I am curious how they scale to higher levels like 1750 or 2000. 

 Following in this line though, and to make the e-mail name not a waste I want to challenge you to make a list with the following restrictions, which may or may not be my preferences with the codex.
a) Not Coteaz (Not a fan of henchmen myself really)
b) Infantry based force (not a preference actually, this one is me being curious)
c) Interceptor Squads
HARD MODE: Ninja Knights.
Hard Mode is up to you, it was more something I noticed in how many units that Grey Knights have that can deep strike, which made me wonder how well a double Communion list with everything Deep Striking would work. 
Anyway, that's really it. Hope to maybe see it up!

Not that hard a challenge, unless you really want this to happen at 1500 and be all-foot. And Ninja Knights are generally a bad idea - you gain minimal advantage from mass deep-strikes since you don't have meltaguns but rather 24" ranged assault guns.

Interceptors work best with a Grandmaster, just like Purifiers. Large squads are best because you can combat squad and effectively have two squads which benefit from Grand Strategy (generally Scout or Scoring). Considering full squads are around 300 points and a Grandmaster is over 200, you can see why running such a list at 1500 isn't really the best so we'll aim for 1750 and subtract a squad or two to get to 1500 - won't work perfectly but it'll be solid. There will also be mech in this.

We know we want a GM, so we'll grab him and a bodyguard - five Paladins with some MCing goes a long way and gives you a nice combat unit. They are weak to S8+ shooting but that's not going into your vehicles then. Two-three psyfledreads provide the basis of your ranged firepower. Then three-four small Strike squads with a Psycannon in a Psyback. The rest of the points go into one or two Interceptor squads focusing on getting a full squad first (at 2000 you should easily fit in two full squads). Otherwise excess points can go into Purifiers. 

This ultimately gives you good fire support - Psybacks + Psyfles; good midfield presence - Stikes + Paladins + GM; and good mobility - Psybacks + Interceptors without having a tiny body count (31-36 MEQs; low but not drastically so) and the utility of the Interceptors + Grandmaster amplifies what you have.

If you wanted no Razorbacks though, swap the Paladins to a full GKT squad + a tiny token Strike squad and the rest of the points go into full Interceptors + Purifiers (speed or mass psycannons) - this assumes you are okay keeping the Psyfles and if not, grab some Purgation squads as well and hope your opponent isn't mobile ^^. 

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