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Friday, June 15, 2012

Email in: 40k Daemons

"Hey Kirby,

Hope it’s warmer for you up there than it is down here in Tassie (you’d think growing up in Oregon back in the States would have prepared me for this, but nothing prepares you for that perpetual, winter long sea chill).

Anyway, this is about a 40k Daemons list. So far I don’t have much to work from, so I’d like your advice and numbers. You see, this is a somewhat interesting project – everything (initially at least) has to be Tzeentch because (initially at least) every model in the army has to be a self sculpted piece. While I may later break this and add in some Daemons of Khorne or Nurgle for instance (and maybe even a few of the less ugly GW models), for now, as I’ve said, it’s all gotta be the Big T.

 So your recommendation for 1750, 1850, 2000 and 2200+ would be GREATLY appreciated.


I went to Hobart once in December and climbed the mountain. It snowed on me.

Anyway. Daemons. All Tzeentch daemons. Well goodluck :P. They have some solid pieces - Heralds on Chariots and Daemon Princes with Tzeentch bonuses are quite decent - they provide some shooting (which importantly can break tanks) and a steady combat statline. Horrors (+ the Changeling) are also not terrible - again, good shooting. Flamers are like-wise usable though deep-striking template units have a habit of scattering off into the nether regions (unless you bring icons). Otherwise though, well firstly a list with only Horrors for Troops is going to be hurting. A lot. And there isn't really anything THAT scary in such a list - there's no Fiends, no Bloodletters/Crushers or crazy ravaging MCs with high attack stats.

So, if you're wanting to keep a basic Tzeentch theme for a smaller army (say 1500) and then take some units out and expand upon it for higher point values. The units which would stay in would be the Heralds and Daemon Princes with a smattering of Horrors - bolster this with Fiends, Plaguebearers and some Bloodletters for more combat goodness and you'll be set (and look like many Daemon list before it :P).

There's no magical formula for Daemons unfortunately, especially when you put a theme restriction on them, but keeping the army smaller will probably be best on your hip pocket and if you feel like upgrading it with other gods later, can scale nicely.

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