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Friday, June 15, 2012

Questions about the Sanctifier

So I've started getting Warmachine/Hordes e-mails :O! Luckily most of them are related to armies I actually talk about so haven't had to do a whole lot of referring yet. One of the major questions coming lately though has been the new Menite Warjack, the Sanctifier (released in July as a multi-part plastic kit with the Reckoner & Castigator) and whether or not it's a good purchase. I'll preface this by saying the plastic kit is a fantastic purchase, regardless of the Sanctifier's use as it comes with all the parts you need for the Reckoner - a great toolbox. So let's look at the Sanctifier then...

Pretty basic Menoth stats. DEF/ARM 10/19 with a high number of boxes makes it pretty durable if not Khadorian standards. MAT6 is standard as well - not great but not terrible and with Menoth buffs available, it's a good starting point and means you'll be hitting the heavier targets on average. Since the Sanctifier is the new chassis it gets SPD5 - very important as SPD4 is just bog slow. It also comes with a P+S17 reach, magical weapon giving it a very respectable threat range of 10". Paired with this magical weapon is a P+S14 open fist - not exactly powerful but the extra attack adds that extra bit of damage and having an open fist instead of a gun gives the Sanctifier access to a couple extra power attacks - always useful when you can apply them correctly.

Pretty straightforward basically. Decent damage ability, particularly when combined with the Choir of Menoth (P+S19/16/RAT8) but it's the extra abilities which make the Sanctifier a great inclusion, particularly at higher points. First off we have exorcist, not a big deal really. This is basically an aura effect which causes any enemy models within 5" to lose incorporeal - i.e. they can now be hit by normal attacks. Menoth isn't exactly lacking for magical weapons and incorporeal models aren't exactly common. Still, nice to have. The major extra though is cenotaph - aka Warcaster focus independent. This is basically a soul collection ability - when friendly infantry die, the Sanctifier collects souls (up to three max) which it can turn into focus during the maintenence phase. This means the Sanctifier can basically be used during the game with only one focus actually provided by the Warcaster (Turn 1 Run) - from then on, assuming you have infantry, it basically fuels itself. It's not foolproof obviously - if infantry don't die or you run out of infantry (late-game), the Sanctifier becomes just like any other Warjack.

Otherwise, the ability to be quite independent from the Warcaster allows more Warjacks to be taken - for this reason I've found the Sanctifier finds its way into my 50 point lists much more often than 35 - I generally max out the number of Warjacks I can run at 35 and thus this makes an excellent inclusion at 50 points if I'm looking for another Warjack which is not the Avatar. The same rule of thumb can of course be applied to 35 points - if you want that extra Warjack but don't have the focus stat or need the focus for power-boosting, spells, etc., the Sanctifier is an excellent choice which ISN'T a character (unlike Avatar) and thus can see use across multiple lists.

All in all a solid Warjack - not much utility outside of being a beatstick, though it does have the open fist for more power attacks, but it can fuel itself which is pretty damn important and exorcist will come up occasionally enough to be useful, just not something you include it for. I look forward to mine coming in the mail so I can use IRL rather than just Vassal!

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