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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Battle Report for Event Horizon Mission 5: Grey Knights vs Space Wolves (Loganwing)

By Loriness

Event Horizon – Battle Report Game 5

  •     DEPLOYMENT: Spearhead (Rulebook P.93)
  •     Primary: 2 Objectives – not in deployment quarter
  •     Secondary: Table Quarters
  •     Tertiary: VP
Instead of writing a general opinion on how to play Game 5, I have decided to put up a battle report. Within this article, I have included ‘Postgame review’ to highlight things I could have done better, hopefully people can learn from my mistakes and see how they can better play this mission.

The game is Grey Knight (Denis, I) vs. Space Wolf (David).

Army lists

Grey Knights

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (25), Terminator armour (40), Daemon hammer, Psycannon (15), Psychic Communion (30) – 110
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (25), Terminator armour (40), Daemon hammer, Psycannon (15), 3 Servo skull (9) – 89

5 men Paladin Squad (275), 1 Master craft (5) Psycannon (20) & Halberd, 1 Master craft (5) Psycannon (20) & Daemon Hammer, 1 Storm bolter & Halberd, 1 Storm Bolter & Sword, 1 Storm Bolter & Hammer – 325

8 Psykers (80) – 80
Chimera (55), Multi laser, Heavy Flamer, Search light (1), Dozer blade (5) – 61

10 men Grey Knight Strike Squad (200), Justicar with Daemon hammer (10), 2 Psycannon (20) – 230
Rhino (40), Dozer blade (5), Search light (1) – 46

10 men Grey Knight Strike Squad (200), Justicar with Daemon hammer (10), 2 Psycannon (20) – 230
Rhino (40), Dozer blade (5), Search light (1) – 46

Grey Knight Terminator Squad (200), Justicar with Storm Bolter & Halberd, 1 Psycannon (25) & Daemon Hammer, 1 Storm Bolter & Sword, 1 Storm Bolter & Daemon Hammer, 1 Storm Bolter & Halberd – 225

Dreadnought (115), Twin link Autocannon (10), Twin link Autocannon (5), Psybolt ammo (5), Search light (1) – 136
Dreadnought (115), Twin link Autocannon (10), Twin link Autocannon (5), Psybolt ammo (5), Search light (1) – 136
Dreadnought (115), Twin link Autocannon (10), Twin link Autocannon (5), Psybolt ammo (5), Search light (1) – 136

Space Wolves

Logan Grimnar (275), The Great Wolf – 275

Rune Priest (100) with Chooser of the Slain (10), Bolter, Runic Weapon, Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane – 110

Rune Priest (100) with Chooser of the Slain (10), Bolt Pistol, Runic Weapon, Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf – 110

Lone Wolf (20), Terminator Armour (25), Storm Shield (25), Chainfist (15) – 85

7 x Wolf Guard (18) – 1 x terminator armour (15) with cyclone missile launcher (30), Storm bolter and Power Weapon, 1 x terminator armour (15) with Storm Bolter and Power fist (10), 5 x power armour with Bolt Pistol and Combi Melta (5) – 221
Drop Pod (35) – 35

6 x Wolf Guard (18) - 1 x terminator armour (15) with cyclone missile launcher (30), Storm bolter and Power Weapon, 1 x terminator armour (15) with Combi Plasma (5) and Power fist (10), 4 x power armour with storm bolter (3) and Combi Plasma (5) – 215
Drop Pod (35) – 35

10 x Grey Hunters (15) - 8 x Power Armour, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon, Bolter, 2 Plasmagun (10) – 160

10 x Grey Hunters (15) - 8 x Power Armour, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon, Bolter, 2 meltagun (10) – 155

5x Wolf Guard (18) - 1 x terminator armour (15) with cyclone missile launcher (30), Storm bolter and Power Weapon, 1 x terminator armour (15) with Storm Bolter and Power fist (10), 3 x Power Armour, Storm Bolter and Close Combat Weapon – 169

6 x Long Fangs (15) with 5 Rocket Launcher (10) – 140

6 x Long Fangs (15) with 5 Rocket Launcher (10) – 140


I had won the die roll and elected to go first. I picked the bottom right table quarter and set up with an even formation with dreads in the centre, Paladins to the left and Strike squad on each end, with Terminators and an Inquisitor deep striking.

David responded by lining his 2 Grey Hunter squads as buffer, Logan, Lone Wolf and Rune Priests in the middle and Long Fangs on either end.

The objectives were located in the middle of the bottom left and top right quarters.

Postgame review: My deployment was simple and very ‘standard’, it did not challenge David and his reply (set up) was sufficient to put himself in a good position. It is important to post a challenging question to your opponent during setup. If your question is too simple (e.g. how I have set up), your opponent will easily counter your plan.

What I should have done was,
  • Picked the bottom left table quarter, deploy Inquisitor and psyker squad in the chimera, and 3 dreadnoughts behind the hill. The two Strike squads will also be behind the hill if it can all fit out of sight, otherwise, it will go into reserves.
  • Paladins, Terminators and the second inquisitor will arrive from reserve along my board edge.
This will delay engagement for a turn or two while it forces the SW to split if they want to advance to both objectives. When the Paladins and Terminators arrive, there will be 4 psycannons striking into any unit close to the bottom objective, while the top objective can be easily reached by the two Strike Squads in rhinos/chimera.

This will be a better question to pose to David and require more thought to formulate a proper response. The more you make your opponent think, the higher the chance you can win.

GK Turn 1

The three dreadnoughts move to the centre behind the hill with Paladins in chimera supported to the left and a squad of Strikes behind. Another Strike Squad moves towards the right and pop smoke to get ready and attack the flank next round. Psykers moves up ready to throw out S10 large blast.

Shooting phase was exceptional with the dreadnoughts killing the Lone Wolf and followed up with minor damage to the Long Fangs near the middle of the board.

Postgame review: I should have moved the chimera further left with the strike squad’s rhino position next to it to get myself into a better position. As you will see in David’s first turn, my poor positioning will cause me movement in turn 2 and 3.


SW Turn 1

David replied in kind and drop podded his melta squad to my left to cut off my movement. This was followed with his 10 men squad moving up on my left to provide support to his newly arrived melta squad. The other 10 men squad spread out to the right to move closer to the objective on the top right of the table.

In the shooting phase, his melta team was able to destroy my rear rhino, immobilise my Chimera with living lightning and immobilise my right rhino with his missiles.


GK Turn 2

No reserves arrived.

With my mobility stemmed, I will need to work hard to get out of my poor position. The Strike Squad in the middle moves left and ready to charge the SW melta unit, this was supported by the Paladins moving out from their immobilised chimera. On the right the other Strike Squad abandon their immobilised rhino and move into the centre to support others.

Dreadnoughts move up in the middle under smoke cover to pressure the other Grey Hunter squad. With the Lone Wolf dead, only Logan is powerful enough to destroy these dreadnoughts in a short period of time. The move was follow with a run to close all three dreadnoughts into the Grey Hunters.

On the left, the Wolf Guard melta squad was charged by Paladins and Strikes. It was easy enough to dispose of them, but I pay the price with minimal movement.


SW Turn 2

No reserve arrived.

David consolidated his position and moves his Grey Hunter squad towards the bottom left objective. The Grey Hunter squad to the right had to move back or risk being tied up by the dreadnoughts (supported by the strike squad).

In the shooting phase, he chooses to frag the strike squad on my left, reducing it to 7 men. While his other missiles only managed to stun one dreadnought in the middle. With his poor dice roll and my good luck, I was able to escape this round relatively unscathed.


GK Turn 3

No reserve arrived.

Sensing this is the turn where I have to make an impact, I chose to attack his weaker side (my left). The strike squad on the right moved up onto the hill and close in to shoot, while the Paladins and Strike squad on the left move across towards the left objective.

One of the dreadnoughts moved forward towards the Grey hunter squad on the right to continue to pressure him and minimise his movement (he will need to charge the dreadnought and commit Logan next turn).

In the shooting phase, my 2 strike squads, 2 dreadnoughts and Paladins opened up onto the Grey Hunter squad on the left, reducing it to one man with a wounded Rune Priest. This should help me secure the left objective or forces David to commit more models to my left. With my goal achieved, I ended my turn 3.


SW Turn 3

No reserve arrived.

David has decided to forgo my left and drop back his Rune Priest to join the Long Fang squad. On the right, he finally commits Logan and the Grey Hunters by charging the approaching dreadnought.

In order to reduce my scoring units, he started to shoot krak missiles at my strike squads and managed to reduce the left squad to 3 men and the right hand squad to 6 men.

The initial charge into my dreadnought did no damage, but achieved its goal to slight Logan into the centre of the board, ready to attack the dreadnought next round.

GK Turn 4

Terminators and Inquisitor finally arrived.

With Logan committed to the right, and the rain of krak missiles to my strike squad on my left, I was forced to support my left with the terminators. The strike squad on the right retreated and ran towards their rhino to put some distance between themselves and Logan.

The two dreadnoughts charged in to support and hopefully tie up Logan and his squad for another two turns. Meanwhile, the paladins and the strike squad to the right moves into position to capture the left objective.
In the shooting phase, I was able to destroy his last Grey Hunter and damage the Long Fang squad located on the left hill.

In close combat, Logan and his squad was only able to destroy one dreadnought even though he had called on his Living Legend. 

SW Turn 4

Second drop pod arrives with a Wolf Guard squad full of plasma guns.

To continue putting pressure on my left, David has decided to land his Wolf Guard squad full of plasma guns near my left objective and try to attack my Terminators. With cover save, I took three casualties but stay on to fight.

On the right, with the dreadnoughts tied up, his 5 men Wolf Guards made a dash for the objective on the right. But it looks like he will need a high run move in Turn 5 to reach the objective.
The shooting phase was quite successful with kark missiles on the Strike Squad to the right, reducing it to one model and causing it to flee 7” back towards me. This was problematic because they were needed to contest the right objective.

During close combat, I was not able to damage his marines while Logan and the Power fist Wolf Guard were able to rip a big hole in both the dreadnought. The resulting explosions kill all but 3 models (Logan, Wolf Guard in terminator armour and a Grey Hunter), more than I can ever do. Logan and his squad consolidated to the middle of the board.


GK Turn 5

The Paladins continue to push forward and line up to engage both the plasma gun Wolf Guards and Long Fangs.

My terminator and Strike squad remain in place to hold the objective if the game ends this turn (for a draw or win). 

Shooting phase was minimal with the plasma squad taking one casualty. While my Paladins charged into both the Long Fang squad and the Wolf Guard squad containing his Rune Priest. I had managed to kill three of his Long Fangs and three Wolf Guards while losing one Paladin in return. Unfortunately, his Long Fangs decide to run while his Wolf Guards and Rune Priest stayed to fight.

SW Turn 5

David moved his 5 men Wolf Guard towards the right objective and run to close the distance, but it was slightly too far away. He will need to destroy my terminators and strike squad this round to ensure a draw.

Longan detached from his squad and ran towards my objective, to ensure a win if it went to turn 6, while his Long Fangs at the back start shooting krak missiles into my strike squad in order to thin them down. With the help of going to ground, I was able to save one model and hold on to the objective.

In close combat, I was able to kill this Rune Priest, Wolf Guard terminator and Wolf guard with the loss of another Paladin. I will now need to decide if I can support injured a healthy Logan next turn.
We rolled and the game continues to turn 6.

GK Turn 6

I turned on all my guns at Logan hoping to reduce two health points, but only managed one.

I decide not to go into close combat as it would be suicidal.

SW Turn 6

His Wolf guards moved onto the objective on the right without challenge.

Logan charged into my terminator squad, killing both terminators and the inquisitor and in return getting killed himself. While my last strike marine was shot down by a rain of krak missile. 

Since I had no scoring units left, we have decided to call the game and ended it at 1-0 objective.



Set up is the most important part of the game, because it will dictate your plan, and response. The more thinking/questions you can pose to your opponent, the more likely you will stump them.

Hopefully, this battle report helps you gain an idea on how to play Game 5 and what you can do with your own army.

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