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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Email in: Help my Dantewing!

"Hey Kirby,

First time writer, long time lurker. I've finally gotten around to having the free time to paint my flesh tearers dantewing. I'd really like to take this army to tournaments over the summer. I understand the general weakness of using a sanguinary guard heavy army, but I'm willing to roll with it anyway. My goal is to make this list as competitive as possible.

Here's what I have so far:

Librarian w/ jump pack - shield of sanguinius, blood lance (attaching to honor guard)
Honor guard w/ jump packs - 4x combi-meltas, 4 flamers. I went for an all purpose unit here.
1 squad of Sanguinary Guard - banner, fist, i.pistol
3 squads of Sanguinary Guard - fist, i.pistol
2 5 man squads of Vanguard Veterans - 2x power weapon, 2 melta bombs, thunder hammer. I nob'd these guys.

I have the core of my army decided, that's dante and the sanguinary guard. I'm having a tough time trying to figure out decent support. The honor guard and vanguard seemed like a good idea, as it's keeping in the theme with starting in reserve, and using DOA. Having anything start on the table with the army is making me nervous for some reason. If any of you guys have other suggestions, I'm all ears.

Thanks for the great work you and the other bloggers do,

Max Power"

Devastators are your best bet here - you also only have 1 FNP/FC bubble which is going to get smacked around pretty fast. I'd be looking to cut one of the VV squads, grab some Devs with missiles (three squads) to keep your opponent honest and give you hitting power from far away, get some Priests and then the rest of your points go into more Sanguinary Guard - you need more models.

You might need to drop the Libby to make this feasible - you lose psychic protection but bodies are really important here. The Devs can be foregone for more Sanguinary Guard if you need but it does really help cover one of the main weaknesses of such lists and deploying them on the table isn't such a bad thing - you shouldn't always be deep-striking regardless. You do really need the Priests - make your squads as immune to small arms fire as possible.

You'll find the Honor Guard get targeted a lot as well - if they aren't doing much for you, replacing them with another Sanguinary Guard squad (or if you're maxed, get the 2nd VV squad back) isn't going to hurt. They are a target with four specials + a FNP/FC bubble and being T4/3+, are some of the weakest models you have.

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