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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Email in: Loganwing

"Hi Kirby,

First off, love the blog. Your articles have really helped me become a better player and inspired me alot. Have been reading avidly for about 6 months now and always get excited when I see a new article has been posted!

Anyway, I have been trying to create a semi-competitive Loganwing list and was wondering what you thought of it. In particular I am worried that it might not have enough anti-tank. Without further ado here is the list.

Rune Priest

5 Wolf Scouts w/ a meltagun
Lone Wolf w/ CF/SS

5 Wolf guard
1 TDA w/ combi-plasma, CML & CF
4 PA w/ bolt pistol & combi-plasma

4 Long Fangs w/ 4 multi-meltas & a drop pod
2x: 5 Long Fangs w/ 3 MLs & 2 Lascannons

Obviously Logan goes with the MM Long Fangs and pods in to (hopefully) wreck a tank or 2. Other than that the main squads advance up the field firing missiles, the wolf scouts are there as a threat unit as much as anything (hopefully forcing my opponent towards the middle so he/she can't run away and leverage my lack of mobility. The Lone Wolves are there to tackle MCs/dreads and tie up large squads which my Wolf guard would be unable to tackle due to lack of attacks. The ML/Las Long Fangs are there for fire support & anti-tank and the Rune Priest is there for psy-defense and to help control the centre.

What are the main weaknesses you can see with this army? What would you do to cover those weaknesses? Also, what powers would you suggest for the Rune Priest? I was thinking Jaws, because killing MCs that easily is hilarious, and Murderous so that I can slow down dangerous squads. Eg. If I pop a LR I can then hit the Assualt termies inside with murderous to (hopefully) prevent them from charging me.

Thanks again,

Too much plasma, not enough melta. Swapping some of the combi-plasma's for combi-meltas will go along way to solving your anti-tank and the MM LF Drop Pod is a waste of good units and FoC slots - you're putting Logan, LF and a Drop Pod in front of your opponent to maybe kill two cheap transports - not worth it. Just roll the Long Fangs the same as your others or all ML.

Rune Priest powers I generally like to take Lightning with Hurricane or Tempest - both have great utility whilst Lightning is good extra fire support from anywhere on the table. Jaws is cute but you drop MCs like flies anyway with your missiles + lascannons.

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