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Monday, June 25, 2012

Event Horizon Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Tau

You can see my list here. First game was five objectives primar in the X formation and 2KP marginal as secondary with Pitched Battle deployment. Lee's Tau list was Broadside, Deathrain Crisis and Kroot heavy - good core units but a bit lacking in that little extra bit such as plasma rifles and Pirhanas. I won roll-off and because he lacked these options, gave him first turn. Yes, that meant I took 8 Broadsides to the face - it really meant nothing to my ASM moving up into midfield (which Pirhanas could have blocked, Plasma could have shot). On the flip side, I had reactionary deployment with some nice terrain pieces and the ability to move onto those objectives last.

You're going to have to excuse the photos as well - I kept getting put on tables where the sun was creeping across and photos of half light, half dark suck :P.

Lee's list:

3x Plasma/Missile HQ
2x3x TL missile + flamer
6x FW
4x large Kroot squad (20-30 with Hounds)
8x Broadsides

Dunno the exacts as I never saw a list :P.


Lee splits his Broadsides well so he's going to be getting some fire on me - if he had deployed in top right corner he'd have been in a world of trouble. His Crisis suits deploy in the centre of the board with the plasma group off to the left. Three Kroot infiltrate, one per area of board really with the fourth outflanking and the Fire Warriors in reserve.

I deploy in two little bases putting more units on the left and the Dread on the right - if the Kroot come in from that side the Dread ties them up whilst there are more options to deal with the Kroot on the left. Although this split deployment leaves the Broadsides able to see themost of my army but it gives me a good spread across the table to engage his army and whatever survives can hide on my turn very well.

Tau Turn 1

Broadsides move to get as best LoS as they can and suits jump forward to lend their firepower and start shooting. Razorbacks die - all but one in fact and one Predator + the Dread ends up stunned. Broadsides are not in cover however and Suits don't jump back - I might not be anywhere near assault range this turn but no point not to return to further safety.

Blood Angel Turn 1

One RBack left! Lucky me =D - RBack moves forward and parks itself behind the LoS blocking terrain on the right - it can't be shot. Mobile Pred moves up to blast the Broadsides in the open on the right and the Attack Bikes floor it out of their little conclave to lob melta at the small Broadside squad. ASM move up and run as much as possible with a Fearlesss squad holding my right objective and pinned squad, well being pinned. Mephy wings and fleets into a hidey hole.

Shooting sees two Broadsides dead - one from each side and the right Broadsides flee and without any Kroot to guide them as laterally as legally possible, they fall off the edge of the world.

Tau Turn 2

 Nothing comes in from reserves. Kroot on the left move up to engage both Attack Bike squads after their fluff against the Broadside (3 misses). Kroot in middle establish themselves in forest and to shoot at the ASM on the left with all the Crisis lining up shots as well. Broadsides wiggle for more shooting.

One Pred gets dropped from Broadside fire with the rest of the army firing on the ASM squad withPriest on the left and reduces it to two men. The Kroot on the left multi-assault and kill three bikes :O. Bike stays in combat however.

Blood Angel Turn 2

 Nearly his entire anti-infantry element shot at one squad, and killed half of it. WTB Plasma or some blocking. Reduced squad with Priest swings left to help out Bike in combat and the now unpinned ASM bubble-wrap Scouts from outflanking Krooties. Mephy jumps out of hidey hole towards some Crisis suits which again didn't jump back far enough and the lone mobile RBack crashes through the terrain but keeps ASM inside (no point getting out). Other ASM on the right gets poor terrain roll but good run roll with the Fearless squad squatting on the objective.

Remaining Dread & Pred drop a Crisis suit from another squad (who flee) and RBack flames several Kroot away to allow Mephy to fleet to a better position. He assaults suits without casting powers to maximise chances of staying in combat and does so. ASM on left clear out Kroot and free Attack Bike.

Tau Turn 3

 Kroot come on on the right and Fire Warriors come on in the back left. Kroot move around the remaining Predator there and the fleeing suits rally. The Kroot in the middle of the board move up to smack some ASM around. HQ suits move away from the action and level their guns at stuff. Broadsides whiff on the Dread leaving him alive and healthy whilst lone Broadside drops final RBack. Fire from Kroot & suits drops several of the ASM inside.

Mephy finishes off suits in combat and moves towards three Broadsides. Kroot shake Predator on right flank.

Blood Angel Turn 3

Mephy jumps over to the three Broadsides and prepares to smack them in the face whilst I start looking to objectives. The ASM squads in the centre move up to engage the Kroot and consolidate onto the objective whilst the Dreadnought moves and runs towards the Kroot on the right to engage them far away from that objective. ASM squads on the left move up leaving Scouts at the back with the melta being aimed at the remaining Broadside and HQ suits there. Shaken Predator tank shocks through Kroot but goes a wee bit too far and immobilises himself on terrain - woops.

Broadside falls to melta shot, one HQ suit falls to melta and then combat begins! Kroot in centre die to concentrated ASM with one squad consolidating towards middle and the other to the back right. Mephy butchers Broadsides and consolidates into forest.

Tau Turn 4

Kroot on right chase the Pred with Kroot in top right moving onto objective. Fire Warriors climb over the hill to get to their objective too whilst the remaining non-HQ suits swing round the right to hide behind terrain and add some firepower. HQ suit jumps on top of the building to hide and shoot from a good position.

Shooting does minimal damage with one ASM falling, Kroot engage Pred and knock off two guns + stun it.

Blood Angel Turn 4

 ASM are all about objectives now. Central squad stays pat, larger squad on the left moves toward centre aiming to get to top left objective and reduced ASM on the right move up to engage the Crisis suits remaining. Fearless ASM on back right objective & Dread move up to poke the Kroot off my objective there whilst Mephy moves to the one objective held by the Tau atm in the top right.

Attack Bike and Scouts make short work of the Fire Warriors near the top left objective but the rest of the firepower is unable to take down the HQ suit - generally do to lack of LoS. Kroot on the right get beaten in combat but manage to drop four ASM and then escape being swept. Dread follows to keep them fleeing whilst lone ASM hides behind Pred on objective. ASM draw combat with Crisis suits and Mephy is out of range.

Tau Turn 5

HQ suit attempts to tie up/contest objective in middle but fails dangerous and dies. Kroot keep falling back whilst the final Kroot squad look to help out their suit buddies. They manage to drop the ASM but not before they kill one Crisis suit. Kroot consolidate back towards objective.

Blood Angel Turn 5

All ASM move towards objectives + Scouts gives me four objectives currently. Dread moves up to get within 6" of Kroot and Crisis Suits so can assault suits if they don't die to shooting so they cannot contest. Mephy moves up to non-fleeing Kroot and gets ready to punch face. Suits survive shooting so Dread engages the final one but it survives. Mephy kills a bunch of Kroot but they pass Ld so combat goes on.

Game ends there with 4-0 objectives to BA and a draw on KP.


Pretty boring and basic game, and report! Not much analysis there :P. Lee didn't really use the Kroot well, he deployed his suits + Broadsides well but the Kroot, particularly on the left and right, were essentially useless. They were too aggressive or too defensive and didn't delay me from getting where I needed to go. Blocking landing spots for Mephy would have kept his firepower alive for longer to try and kill him or at least thin the ASM squads out. Otherwise more army diversity - 8 Broadsides screws tanks and, well then what? Compare this to Simon's game where he really used the Kroot well to bottle me up - I didn't play well and he was able to take advantage of that and slowly attrition me away but he was isolating me rather than letting me dictate unlike what happened here. Can't do that when you don't have the plasma rifle safety net.

Anyway, was a good game and another tournament where I played Lee, think that's 3/4 that we've both gone too now lol. 

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