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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Event Horizon Mission Discussion - Mission 6

By Loriness

Event Horizon Games Discussions – How to play Game 6

·         DEPLOYMENT: Pitch Battle (Rulebook P.93)
·         Primary: Modified Kill Points
·         Secondary: Table Quarters
·         Tertiary: VP

Final game of Event Horizon will be Modified KP (win by 2KP) and Table Quarters as secondary.
First thing to remember is that a KP game is not about how many KP you killed, it is about how many KP you can deny your opponent. Because taking KP requires you to roll dice (luck), while denying KP does not need any dice (strategy, movement) most of the time.
So what do you do?

  • Identify your weak KP (e.g. transport, open top vehicles, AV10, or small 5 men units) and find a way to protect them (e.g. hide, reserve, create a buffer with other units).
  • How to you intend to protect your weaker units once they arrive on the board? Will you hide them, or will you use your stronger units to keep the enemy away and make it hard to trade. If the enemy is willing to attack those units, make sure it will cost them in KP.
  • Identify opponent’s weak units and determine which of your unit is best to attack them (is it shooting, or will it be close combat?).
  • How do you intend to attack? What happens if they hide their units in reserve or behind cover? What will you do to get to them? Will you attack another target, which will likely be their harder targets?
Once you answered the above questions in the first five minutes, you should have a winning plan.

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