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Thursday, July 5, 2012

3++ Nerdcast: Episode 1 - 6th edition musings

A bunch of us have been discussing stuff on Skype lately so we decided to record some of our sessions. It gives, what we hope is, a good insight into our approach to learning and understanding 6th edition and you get a lot of the give and take you don't really see in actual blog posts (though hopefully you do in the chatbawks!).

So in this Nerdcast we looked at a couple things for 6th edition, most notably movement (2:18), psychic powers (~11:00), combat and shooting (~21:30) in a very general overview as well as some discussion about fliers (38:30), Grey Knights (~8:30) and Necrons! Biscuit also plugs Feast of Blades.

Please excuse my typing btw :P!

Hope you enjoy(ed) and please leave any feedback, topics for what will hopefully be many more of these to come. We'll hopefully be able to make this a weekly thing whilst 6th edition is in its infancy. Direct link for anyone who wishses to download or view at a later time.

A huge thanks to Pat from 11th Company for helping us figure out hosting, etc. and get this up and running so quickly!

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