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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3++ Nerdcast: Episode 4 - Grenades, Sisters, Daemons & Marines. Oh my!

Biscuit is back for Episode 4! We're still missing an AbusePuppy though... This episode also includes the afterparty discussion where we stop trying to pretend to stick on topic or be reasonable and just chatter away like a bunch of nerds. That's the 2nd download below.

This episode we discuss grenades (~1:10) and their new uses and the impact of 6th edition on some of the armies we haven't discussed before. This includes Sisters of Battle (~12:00), Chaos Daemons (~18:00) and Space Marines (~24:00). Ironically, all three are talked about in relation to allies more than not...

Direct link

And the amusing after party chat. Enter CSM rumor discussion and Timmah (with Biscuit leaving). 'Scuse the typing, dice rolling and clicking as well - fully uncensored! lol

Direct Link

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