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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Metatransition - Ork Kan Wall in 6th Edition

The other kind of Kan Wall.
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I had a question in a previous post - how can you bring the 5th ed Kan Wall into 6th edition, when all your vehicles have a measley 2 HP each, and die to a stiff breeze?

I claimed this was quite easy, and I stand by my previous statement.

So before I rattle out the concept, let me outline one thing.

I will not be providing you a list here. I will be providing you ideas to work from. Why? I honestly don't know the end codex well enough to list write it properly, so I don't want to mess up the upgrades for you all.

When you build a 6e list, you have two real options for your list building.

Allies, or no allies.

When you are taking a "gimmick" list, such as a Kan Wall, you need to look at whether you want to plug the weaknesses with your choices or not.

Now you will say "fester you idiot, of course we want to plug the weaknesses".
To this I reply .... wrong.

Let's take my old Ork mantra. Orks win by saturation.
Whether this is boys, trukks, nob bikers, Kans or general mech, that's how Orks win.
"Here is 227 boys. TRY and kill them".

So for those 2 of you still following this, let's get back to business...

Kan Wall.

The template is:
2 Big Meks, KFF
2 Dreads
9 Kans.

In 6th, I think you only need 1 KFF, and give the other Mek MA to catch some bullets for the eventual boys squads that will have to fill out the troops slots.
Getting ahead of myself here though.

I have 11 walkers. Orks = Saturation.
So what do we want? For those who said "More Walkers", here is your cookie.

Looking at the allies charts what option do we get for walkers hmm?
Chaos, IG, Crons, Tau.
Hmm, so we are looking at Scout Sentinals, a CSM Dread *shudder* and ... that's it.

Oh hang on you might think... What does Crons have in 3 slots that fills basically the same role as a 2HP Walker? Monstrous Creatures and Wraiths...

So if we end up with something like this:

2 Big Meks
2 Dreads
9 Kans
Ctan Shard
3 Wraiths
2-3 Tomb spiders

Suddenly we start having a game on our hands...
Add in some Night-Fighting fun from out tin'ead buddies and we have some protection for the first turn/s as we run like blazes accross the field.

Is this a quality list? Maybe not, but I'm seeing 11 Walkers, 3-4 MCs and some Wraiths causing most people issues, especially when I think you can still get 60 odd boys, and a night scythe in the list.

Go off, do the maths, and let me know how you do.

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