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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SW trial game

This is a really quick bat rep as I didn't take pics. Was against a friend who hasn't played ina while so I was helping him quite a bit. He was using an ork horde (I know not competitive but I wanted to check I could handle horde) using this list w/3 HKs on the Troop Rhinos. My friend had 3 large boyz squads w/3 rokkits each and a PK nob, 4 kans w/grotzookas, a KFF Big Mek a Dread, a Trukk w/11 boyz and a PK nob, 3 koptas w/TL rokkits.

DoW setup with capture and control. Large forest in the middle where the Ork player won and put two large boy units w/BigMek around and his objective. I didn't deploy on the table so he moved straight up and boosted his kopters and trukk as far as possible. Everything else ran. In the far right corner was a large set of ruins where I deployed my objective and most of my forces interlacing for cover saves. My 5 man GH squad w/RP sat on the objective (it immobed as well...). I shot most of my force @ one boy squad and managed to kill 7 orks (oh my).

His 2nd turn saw him move the kopters and Trukk into the woods and open fire on my speeders with all of his rokkits felling one. I expanded my hold on the ruins, fired hurriance at the damaged ork squad to slow it up and damage it, destroyed the trukk and took down all of his kopters. This nullified all of his movement which could match mine and took down a lot of his anti-tank. I was able to drop a flame template on the Trukk orks but can't roll 3+ and only killed 5 (hit 11).

His turn saw more moving up and only 1 ork squad shot as he waaghed. He hadn't taken anything out of transports and thus thudded against my armor. He was able to shake a Speeder, wrecked a Pred and stun the other one (good rolling!). In my ensuing turn I eliminated the remaining Trukk orks (they accounted for the Pred) and tangled up the whittled down squad with my 5 man GH squad (the IST jumped into the objective Rhino). The combat ensued after poor rolling from both sides. I kept moving my Rhinos around to keep my defenses intact and shot most of my anti-tank at the kans/dread and only shook them + killed one kan.

His turn 4 was again fairly quiet as he moved up more Orks but couldn't shoot much. His kans and Dread were now fairly close to my lines and needed to be dealth with. I unloaded a full squad of GH and using my Rhino + his spaced out Orks was able to drag a few into combat and failed to do much damage. This combat would ensue for a while as I whittled down his numbers and his other guys ran to get into combat (took 3 pile ins for his Nob to make it in). My meltas pinged off the dread thanks to KFF but I immobed a kan and shook the others.

His T5 saw him attempt to move his final boy squad back towards his objective but rolled snake eyes. This squad enacted revenge by downing a speeder and shaking the other one. His Dread assaulted one of my Dreads and niether did any damage. His first boy squad finally wiped out my 5 man GH and left them wide open in my lines. My T5 saw me eliminate both boy squads near my lines in combat, speed my speeder to his objective and set up my Rhinos to move towards his objective if the game went on. My dreads shot at the kans again shaking them. The Dread combat continued with no significant damage inflicted.

The game went on and it looked close until he rolled snake eyes again for his Ork boys. This left them outside of the objective's bubble. However they took down the Speeder contesting it if it went to T7. One of his Kans was finally able to shoot and took down 4 GHs who passed their test. My Dread immobed his (wow) for a stunned in return. There was no chance at this point that he could take my objective so I moved everything forward to try and force a contest on his if it went to T7. My dread rolled snake eyes for his DT (woops), and both my mobile rhinos immobed themsevles as well (woops). Nothing much else happened as it all depended on whether T7 happened or not now.

Luckily T7 didn't happen and it was a win for the SW. I will talk more about why Mech > foot here.

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Anonymous said...

Was a good match to watch. The snake eyes for his orks really cost him lol.

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