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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Armies in 5th: Tau Part 2: FW & Piranhas

Well dearie me more stupid comments on Warseer to fuel the fire. Check out the page here. Wisdom lacks some wisdom me thinks.

Anyways I decided to put FWs and Piranhas together here. The most under appreciated and over utilised units.

What do Piranhas do for a Tau army? They are the only unit which can move fast and can be used as an effective movement blocker and melta delivery system. In a direction comparison to SM Land Speeders they seem to lose out as they have less duality and cost a bit more and bleed KPs (but who cares?) though Piranhas do have that extra AV on the front which is at times invaluable (go away pesky bolters). However, the ability for a backline army to move out of their deployment and into midfield aggressively changes the dynamics of the game. No longer do TH/SS termies get into your lines by T2. Add in the fusion gun and if they survived the T1 firepower they are a large threat to your opponent whilst increasing Tau's already effective anti-tank. The only problem is they compete with Pathfinders for slots. Whilst at lower points 2 Pathfinder units isn't advisable it becomes a trade-off at 2K+ points.

Now onto Firewarriors. In relation to newer books they are extremely overcosted but at least one unit has to be taken. Now it is becoming increasingly popular to hijack a PF devilfish and use a single 6 man FW squad. Personally this is the best use of them. They are far less effective than an SM tac squad (which the internet hates...can't see why) in that can't take special weapons, are too expensive for what they do and require markerlights to be truly effective (raise their BS).

However, too many people still try and use FWs as the staple of their army. This is a sure way to a bad army list. Because they are not cheap and require a transport (and MLs) to be effectively used they are a very expensive unit that is fair at anti-infantry (becoming better as MLs are introduced). This means the rest of your units have to be that much better at taking out tanks (a potential reason why Deathrains are popular?) but this makes your overall list weaker. A list which has units A, B, C for anti-tank and C, D, E for anti-infantry is going to lose to a list which has units A, B, C, D for everything.

So far we have highlighted the importance that Crisis suits and Piranhas add to a Tau list. The suits offer the best of duality in able to take down tanks with a lot of high strength weaponry and then using their rate of fire also hose down infantry whilst still remaining mobile and at range (remember foot units in 5th generally suffer from lack of mobility compared to a mech army and have to get close to be effective). Piranhas allow the Tau army to affect a greater area of the board and significantly limit an opponent's movement.

FWs on the other hand limit what the Tau commander can take in his army by sucking up points and force his other units to be highly effective at anti-tank because so many points are being tied up in a unit that is only good at anti-infantry (S5 only goes so far, S6 on the other hand...).

Next up I'll do Kroot. Yummy critters they are.

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GWvsJohn said...

And I thought the SM posters were dumb. Those Tau-heads really shoot down any good advice they see, huh?

Anyway, I'm enjoying the Tau analysis from a less "because Stone Cold said so" angle. (Stelek has trouble connecting sometimes) Makes me want to maybe start an army.

Also, it's starting, just like Stelek said it would

Raptor1313 said...

Amen on the Piranhas.

They saved my bacon against a double-raider army, and it's not because they did damage. Admitteld,y table quarters helped, but I managed to slap two squads right in front of the raiders. Can't tank shock them, gotta shot them to get out of the way, and if you DON'T shoot them, they'll just keep harrying you and kill something important.

If you're worried about the KP, just DROP THE DRONES OFF BEFORE YOU MOVE OUT. Hide them. It's not that difficult, honestly.

(The punchline of the above? Four Piranhas, a broadside team, and a hammerhead managed to do no more than SHAKE the #$*(@%#@ng land raider.)

Also, this is kind of why I don't hit forums. Some people know what they're talking about, some don't, and frankly I just don't feel like arguing that much with folks if they're not gonna listen.

I cannot recommend piranhas enough for a Tau army. I just can't.

Kirby said...

My drug of addication is debating (so on the internets really its raging...right? lol). Kinda why I made this blog so I could vent a bit more without clogging up posts with massive pages of crap (I once had to double post my response to someone dissing an Eldar Mech list).

You should never worry about KPs. In competitive lists there are generally 15-20+ KPs anyways and whoever wins by KPs generally has more board control, VPs, etc. It can happen the other way round but that's what you get with a silly system. Hopefully the new missions book will change that or we wait for 6th.

Worsle said...

Having just noticed your blog I will say you have found your self an other reader. Always nice to find some one talking sense. Keep up the good work, also consider the ideas in your thunderwolf army stolen.

Anonymous said...

I don't get peoples obsession with hating Firewarriors. You say having them as a core leads to a bad list, I have to disagree. I run with 60 FW and yes, they may be a little expensive, but they always, ALWAYS, earn their points back. People don't give static Tau enough credit. I think you should give them another shot, just to have a look at them. Give them some tank busting back up and you're in business.

Anonymous said...

Just in addition to that post^^ Maybe I am yet to play someone with a properly built 5th ed list, but that has just been my experience, so please don't take it as having a go or calling you wrong :p just another view.

Kirby said...

Too late! I was so offended I burned something.

A hot pink candle.

>.< lol

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