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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kirby's 2x twin-linked autocannon Dreadnought Conversion (Rifledread/Rifleman Dreadnought)

Here are some pictures of my first Riflemen Dread conversion using plasticard. First ever time using plasticard and I'm decently happy with the results and much happier with my new greenstuff compared to the old stuff (maybe it aged...after 12 years lol). Anyway, I both like and dislike what I've done so will probably do something different for the other Dreads. The plasticard makes the guns not look like randomly attached guns but are a bit big (particularly the left arm) as the plasticard goes over the top of the dread. I may modify this in some way or just leave it as is. The arms look a bit crooked as the magnets aren't set properly so the picture from behind does seem a bit out.

Anyway, all that was used was some greenstuff, plasticard, AoBR Dread and 4 imperial guard autocannons plus about 30-40 minutes work. Any thoughts and criticisms would be appreciated for the next Dread unless I can mind an easy modification I like but this guy and my LasPlas RBack are on the painting table atm so expect to see them done soon hopefully!

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