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Monday, August 22, 2011

Email in: Grey Knights castling?

"Hello Kirby,

I´m playing 40k since the new Grey Knights arrived some months ago over here in Germany.
I had some good games with them over the past few weeks and I´m always interested in improving my armylists and tactics.

Here is my question:
Would you kindly explain how "Castling" works with Grey Knights - also weaknesses, strengths and a possible army list?

Furthermore, what do you think about my pure GK List?

Currently I´m playing the following List @ 1500 points (please excuse my bloody english):

1x Libby
- Sanctuary
- Shrouding
- Might of Titan
- Quicksilver

1x Vindicare Assassin

1x Techmarine
- 2x Servoskull
- Warding Staff
- Psycotroupe Grenades

8x Purifiers
- 1 Hammer
- 5 Halberds
- 2 Psycannon
- Rhino

6x GKSS; 1x Psycannon, 1x Hammer, Razorback (Heavy Bolter)+ Psybolt
5x GKSS; 1x Psycannon, 1x Hammer, Razorback (Heavy Bolter)+ Psybolt

5x GKAS; 1x Psycannon, 1x Hammer

Heavy Support:
Dreadnought; 2x TLAC, psybolt, spotlight
Dreadnought; 2x TLAC, psybolt, spotlight

1500 points

The Libby is all alone (slow/easy to kill - he might group up with another unit but then i cannot put him into my transports)
Only 2 scoring units @ 1500 points
Weak to all range-based-army-compositions (Tau, CSM with Oblits e.g.)

Affixed building (Techmarine) benefits my Assassin/Psyfledreads - The Libby is mostly with them to give some additional "buffs" and make the castle more safe.
The Assassin´s first targets are long ranged weapons/tanks
With Razorbacks/Psyfledreads and Assassin I have some good shooting support above 24"
The GKAS can contest a mission objective in the last turn with their 30" move

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Nick "

First off, castling is the practice of putting all your units together in a secure location. This ensures cover on your whole army and whilst it generally creates a large footprint, it's a localised footprint. Against an army with a lot of shooting or very aggressive, castling can protect your army. Such things as mech-training and bubble-wrap are key components here. Weaknesses of this are you lose some board control and you are vulnerable to anti-castling measures (i.e. multi-assaults, blood lance, manticores, etc.).

For Grey Knights this is really only a first turn, going second against shooting armies ordeal. You need to move into midfield ASAP and whilst you can castle there, it's going to be more spread out to ensure board control. your list. 10 MEQ scoring for 1500 is too little. I'd probably change the Interceptor squad to another GKSS + Psyback squad and perhaps try to get a GKT squad for the Libby to chill with (drop the Vindicare, some bodies from GKSS). The Techmarine should also really have Rad grenades - whilst psychotroke have some potential better effects, Rad grenades are consistently good. I'd probably drop the Warding Staff on the Techmarine as well as you want to keep him out of combat as much as possible - though 2+/2++ is really appealing.

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