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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Email in: 2k Marines

Hey Kirby,

Trying to "perfect" my favorite list the double Raider marine list.
Here's what I have right now.

Terminator Librarian
10 TH/SS Terminators
2 Rifleman Dreads
2 flamer/MM/Rhino Tac squads
5 sniper scouts
3 MM/HF Speeders
2 Redeemers EA MM

Should be 2000 on the nose.

A note: I insist on the Terminator Libby because I love the model.

Thoughts on how to improve it? I have a few ideas, but I want to hear
your thoughts first.


That's pretty close to what I offer up to people for Dual Raiders w/o the EA and scouts to give 130 pts (but you have termie armor!) of playing around. I would however change up a Redeemer into a Crusader. Libby have Vortex and Nullzone? You could drop the scouts and make the 3 MM/HF speeders into Typhoons.

Really whatever you change outside of the Dreads/Tacs/Raiders/Termies isn't going to make the list bad persay, just comes down to flavoring. As I mentioned the only real change I would suggest would be at least one crusader and if you can get away with the Libby Termie model as a plain old libby that'd save you 25 pts, too.

Anyone else have any thoughts for GWvsJohn? I've also got another email in from GWvsJohn in relation to an Ork army and my recent articles but won't post that until all of my articles have been posted! He jumped the gun the silly guy :P.

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GWvsJohn said...

I usually rock Null and Gate on the Libby. Gate for the inevitable turn 1 LR pops that come. What do you think about replacing the scouts and 1 speeder with a las/plas RB squad (yes, I'd need to find a few extra points somewhere else)

Kirby said...

Eh I guess w/e power after Null is worthy :). I don't like a single las/plas RB squad though if you get some nice ruinic cover for it, it can be hell to your opponent but again, essentiall 1 LC shot a turn wooo! No thanks. Keep the speeder.

Do the snipe scouts have cloaks?

GWvsJohn said...

They don't, they're essentially a filler objective holder. Go to ground on the closest objective, in reserve if the objective is like 12-15" away and mostly hide in KP.

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