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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Email in: Roland's Revamped AirCav IG

Hey Kirby!
Thanks again for the help. I've been playing this list for a while and recently made some minor tweaks to it (namely adding the Hydras and dropping a 5th Vet squad), so I'm curious for some input. It plays fairly well, usually lends itself to close fun games, so no complaints there. I'm also curious to see what the consensus is on it's "competitiveness". Thanks bud!

5th Romulan Recon & Surveillance Company aka "Creeping Death"


Company Command Squad - Valk 1
3X Meltaguns
Officer of the Fleet
1X Bodyguards
Total: 210

Iron Hand
Total: 95


Scout/Sniper Team (counts as Halflings)
Total: 35


Veteran Squad (all with Shotguns) - Vend 2
3X Meltagun
Total: 145

Veteran Squad (all with Shotguns) - Vend 1
3X Meltagun
Total: 145

Veteran Squad (all with Shotguns) - Valk 2
3X Meltagun
Total: 140

Veteran Squad (all with Shotguns) - Vend 4
Heavy Flamer
2X Melta
Total: 140


Valk Squadron (2)
Total: 260

Vendetta Squadron (2)
Total: 260

Vendetta Squadron (2)
Total: 260

Heavy Support:

Total: 160

Total: 75

Total: 75

Total: 2000

I usually switch how I deploy the Valks/Vends, depending on mission/enemy. Manti sets up as usual, and I use the Hydras to flank him and provide fields of fire for fire suppression. The ratlings I added in b/c I had a spare 35 points and I figured (gasp I know) it'd be fluffy to have sniper rifles. Worst comes to worst, they can either infiltrate forward somewhere to try and pin down an enemy unit / harass them, or they can chill at the home objective to contest it, freeing up the squads to grab and go. Anyway input much appreciated as always!


Not a problem Roland, sorry it took me a while to get to it.

For a fun list it's not too bad, again I think you've got a few upgrades chucked in there you don't need (mainly the CCS). I think if you shave those you can get some more cuddles in there like double up the Hyrdas. So I think drop pretty much most of what you've got in the CCS barring the meltas, the combat upgrades on the Vets (PW and PF), armor upgrades (Grenadiers) as you don't need it (Demo is good :)) and I don't think you need straken, but if you want to keep him we can. With that let's see if you can get more Hydras.

So if we take off the PW/PF, grenadiers, carapace, medic, bodyguard, kraks and officer of the fleet that gives us 210 pts to play with so we can get two more Hydras and have 60 points left. So if you drop Straken you could get another Vet squad most likely but that's up to you, otherwise maybe drop the snipers and get some Storm Troopers?

i think shaving the upgrades for more Hydras keeps the army similar but more effective, less upgrades is more in 40k :P, quite literally. I think air-cav defunks against anyone who can screen well but it's like the IG version of Slow'n'Fast so I'd say it's pretty decent competitiveness wise. It's not the best but it's pretty decent.

So what are your thoughts Roland and anyone else?

4 pinkments:

Surreptitious Muffin said...

Wait, is straken on his own like that legal? I thought he had to be purchased as a common squad upgrade.

Anonymous said...

He's purchased as an upgrade to the CCS. I just listed him separately.

Funny thing Kirb, is after emailing you, I made some modifications, akin to what you're saying :-)

I droppe the MoF and krak from the CCS, dropped the Ratlings, and dropped the PW from the HF vet squad. Scrounged up 80 odd points and used it to double up on one of the Hydras.

I actually use to have a fifth Vet squad in there, loaded with tri-plasma but dropped it in favor of 2 Hydras...more bang for my buck.

I'm also considering dropping the PF from the 2 demo vets...they've already got meltabombs so having a fist makes little to no sense.

Also thinking of dropping the carapace on the CCS.

With those gone, I'd have around...50-60 points to play with. Debating if I want to drop the Bodyguard yet...having him take wounds instead of Straken is nice...but having FNP from the medic more than makes up for it in terms of Strakey's survivability. Need to play it again.

In other news, I used my slightly revamped list last night and trounced a blah Mech SM player. :-)


Chumbalaya said...

Looks like fun, but I pretty much concur with kirbs.

Air cav is fun and characterful, but probably not the best competitively.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is my campaign army / fun army that I use occasionally for semi-competitive games. I'm still debating whether 3 Hydras is enough or not. Got to play it again this weekend.

But yeah my main competitive Army is my Space Wolves o' Fun


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