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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sorry for the lack of general good posts lately, uni has started up again so will be posting less. I will continue the Ork series don't worry but they are on hold for the moment. Add in the lack of stupendous stupidity lately (that I've seen ^^) means I can't drop a quick post on pointing out the blinding obvious.

I will mention one thing about the upcoming BA codex. Many of you will have seen the rumors or leaked codex and it certainly seems there will be a transport which jump packs can assault out of. Wild[TO] thinks this isthe end of Tau because he still doesn't understand the significance of Kroot screens. I think this transport will become exactly like the Vendetta in practical use. You will see armies spamming them out the wazoo and they will be a very one dimensional army (Air-Cav) which can be easily countered but by adding a couple to your army you're demanding your opponent defend against them or suffer the consequences. For armies such as Tau and IG which regularly take bubble-wrap units this won't be such a big deal but for other armies this becomes an important distinction to be made.

Anywho I'll post something of more substance ASAP.

2 guants painted total.

1 pinkments:

MagicJuggler said...

This is cyclical. Every time a new codex comes out, there's that *one* OMGWTFHAXBBQ element that results in players who do not know how to develop counterstrategies crying cheese. Anything from Runepriests with Jaws of the World Wolf, the Doom of Malantai, etc.

Honestly, the Storm Raven looks kinda overrated except as an anti-artillery alphastriker (fire all 4 bloodstrikes and the TL Typhoon at a Basilisk battery), which of course is countered by building your army for more small units...really, the bit of the Codex that has me more intrigued, that the rest of the internet seems to be missing out on, is the Fast Attack Predators and Vindicators combo.

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