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Friday, March 19, 2010

Warseer: Landraiders

This post is classic Warseer with replies like

"Cackle Gleefully, I'ze an Ork And any Marine List with a Deathstar unit in it is easy meat for me."

"Blow up the LR and shoot down the Termies


"Blow up the LR and Charge the Termies


Then when someone mentions screens gets insulted. Sigh. Okay first off Orks don't like LRs and anyone charging Termies into Ork Boyz head on isn't doing it right. Second, comments like "shoot it dead" are useless.

Land Raiders and Termies (TH/SS) are one of the best combos out there. There should be at least two of these which makes it twice as hard to "kill it." as Warseer so simply claims (note: I didn't read much past the first page so there might be some gems I missed). The easiest tactic is to ignore them and delay them. Use fast speeders or other tanks to block the Raider movement whilst you deal with the rest of the army. Having 900 points sunk into 4 units means the rest of the army isn't as expansive as a normal mech army. This isn't to say it's weak but it can be dealt with a little more easily. If you can't slow down the Raiders you have to sac units. Ya they can tank shock but if you've layered your units in a bubble-wrap that Raider is going to get wrapped up unless they are double shocking. Double shocking to get to one unit? Okay.

The short and simple of it is delay as much as possible and don't waste shots on it unless you can get melta within 2D6 or something like a lance weapon. You've got a much better chance of damaging something else with the S9/10 weapons you'd be using. If you can't delay them you have to sacrifice units and damage his army more than he is damaging you (this is the common tactic for Orks who can't deal with AV14 or Tyranids w/o Zoans, Necrons, etc). Whilst many people site this as a problem for Tyranids, as has been mentioned in previous articles Tyranids have enough ability to deal with the rest of the mech (unlike say Orks) and scare what comes out of the Land Raider to a certain degree.

LR and termies are an excellent choice but without taking a second group they are easily isolated and ignored. When your opponent takes two of these his tactics are constrained slightly around them and you need to take full advantage of that. They will bring the hurt, they will kill what they assault most of the time but you have to control what and when they assault as much as possible. If a Termie/LR list gains the momentum, their toughness makes it hard to turn it back to your favor.

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Surreptitious Muffin said...

I'm sure you're a masochist by this point. You keep diving into Warseer despite it bringing you nothing but pain.

The person who suggested blocking with vehicles has thus far been completely ignored. The person who suggested blocking with troops was laughed out of the way by people shouting 'tank shock!' who don't seem to understand how death or glory works. The better the point, the less Warseer thinks of it.

I had an idea; why don't we create a warseer list for every army? A list that exemplifies everything they say that's good about an army that's wrong. A tau list with 3 units of pathfinders and seekers on everything for example. Then post some battle reports (trying your best to win of course) and show them just how hard their tactics fail. Would be well funny.

Chumbalaya said...

A Warseer army would be most amusing. I can take a big foot Ork army or 8 Deff rollas and totall pwn!

GWvsJohn said...

This hilarious thread is a perfect example to new players of why running a single LR/TH combo is a terrible idea. Stopping 1 LR is hard, but doable even for Orks. Stopping 2 is a lot harder. The armies that can shoot a LR down with "ease" can't handle even 5 TH in combat. The Ork players are the best. Do their opponents really not just shock the Raider through the boyz, charge the lootas then Flamestorm down half the boyz? Lolz. Eldar aren't much better. Use a Prism? Good luck with that. Dragons work great, but they're the only threat and once they pop the LR, the Libby can handle them alone so the TH can go after better targets.

In most armies the best anti-LR units are (or are inside) light and medium armor. Good double Raider armed will have them, 2 Tactical squads then 600 points of av10-12 busting fun. What a novel idea!

MagicJuggler said...

See, people wrote confused comments at me on 40konline when I suggested Lootas as part of the anti-Land Raider solution. Even though I mentioned that the Land Raider will have a lot of AV 10-12 support, speeders to screen against Deffrolla wagons or blocker buggies, etc.

Kirby said...

@Surreptitious Muffin; would we say masochist? lol I do like the idea though in relation to "warseer" lists. Any idea in how to implement this and/or any takers to help out?

Surreptitious Muffin said...

Well it hurts you but you do it anyway. :p I'll try out 'warseer' Tau as soon as possible. Do you want me to mail in the list to here before I try it out so we can uh..."improve" it at all?

MagicJuggler said...

I'm willing to run the Warseer Tyranids for laughs. If I recall it was:

5 Tervigons
1 Hive Guard unit
1 Zoanthroape Unit in pod
Doom of Malanatai in pod
3 Termagant units
3 Mawlocks
And that was that more or less

Kirby said...

What I'd like to do is use some of the most common "broken" or "uber" lists (i.e. Lash Chaos, horde Orks, Nob bikers, etc.) alongside lists that Warseer spouts are good (i.e. spamming Tacticals/GreyHunters, Stealth suits w/Markerlights, etc.) against a well-rounded and balanced list. If you can make a battle report of such with decent pictures or re-create it through vassal (or some other polygraphic program), I'd love to see it (though please send in both lists before hand). Try to include dice rolls/tactical choices and have the opposing player be competent and maybe a best out of three series? And we'll see if we can make this a regular thing.

Then I'll see if I can create a page and drop such reports there on the blog and somehow inform Warseer of what is

P.S. does anyone know how to make posts sticky at the top?

Chumbalaya said...

Something about setting the date to always a day ahead or whatever.

I'd do Warseer Orks. I'm thinking Zogwort, Tankbustas, Flash Gitz, Zaggstrukk, and Trukk boyz or slogging Sluggas.

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