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Thursday, April 22, 2010

GWvsJohn's Adventures in Vassal, Chapter 3: The Experienced Noob

One of the main problems with Vassal is finding an opponent who isn't a jerk. If you're on Vassal enough, you'll find that people there fall into 3 general categories.

A) The Oldtimers - These guys have been around. Maybe you've never played them before, but you've seen the name. A few of the Pink Army and Ynquisitors fall into this category, like myself, Curly, Smurfy, but there are others. In general, these guys are ok to play. Some have quirks that can get annoying, but you can trust them to know the rules and the program (to an extent)

B) The Youngbloods - Vassal is lousy with noobs. Some are just new to Vassal, but experienced TT players. Some are new to both. Some don't even own the BRB. If you have patience, they can actually make ok opponents since you can show them the right way to do things. Usually they want to play weird point values like 750 or 838 or some dumb value. Less than 1500 is barely 40k IMO.

C) Our title character, the Experienced Noob - often you'll run across a player who seems to know both 40k and Vassal, but has a name you don't recognize. Seems a little strange, right? In fact, it's probably more sinister than strange. He's a chameleon. Vassal let's you change your name at will, so there's no way to tell who people really are. This leads to large class of jerks who piss people off, drop when the game turns against them, grief constantly, then just use a new name tomorrow. Be wary of these guys.

If you hadn't guessed, this post was prompted by a recent experience. This guy is running a horrific list (Lysander, 10 LC terms, 1 LR, 2 Drop Tacs and 2 combat squaded Rhino Tacs), does first and plays a horrible first turn. In the midst of my response, I notice he's gone and has the gall to start a new game one room down. When I call him on his BS, he freely admits he'll just use a new name in the future.

Grr Vassal, so fun, but so frustrating.


5 pinkments:

Michael said...

where can I find the vassal 40k module? any ideas?

all the links I am finding are broken.

anyways thanks for the help.

The_King_Elessar said...

This is why my keyboard has a special 'kick them in the nuts' button installed. I can only ever assume it works, because they'd never admit it...but I'm sure it does.

Michael, if you email me, I will forward the link I got mine from.

Brent said...

I'm afraid of Vassal; I think if they posted real addresses, so you could occasionally curb stomp the odd douche, it'd be okay.

Seriously, I've seen the mod, but it doesn't seem like the same game to me. I have problems with playing chess online - like I need the same aggravation with more that can go wrong!

Michael, if you get into it, let us know what you think.


Michael said...

Email is off TKE.

And I will keep you posted brent. I'm not sure how much time I'll get at it, but if it goes well, then you will be the first to know.

Smurfy said...

I was called a Old Timer?

Fuck -_-

Haven't been on cuz Laptop has crashed and such.

Also, Real 40k and ass beatings of opponents > V40k

Save for all the Youtube taunting I like to do on that. ;)

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