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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LasPlas Razorbacks

I found this gem today on Warseer (odd, I know) by Curly explaining some Razorback intricacies and thought I should post it. Good job Curly.

I'd switch the TL Lascannon Razorbacks for Lascannon/TL Plasma Gun Razorbacks.

The reasons for this abound. They cost the same, so there is no loss there. The TL Lascannon is more accurate than the regular Lascannon, so it loses a smidgen of across the board reach. However, think about this. At long range a Plasma Gun is basically a one-shot autocannon when you aim it at vehicles. At rapid fire, it's basically a TL Autocannon. A BA Razorback is a fast vehicle.

So when you're 18 inches away from an enemy, instead of a TL Lascannon, you have a Lascannon and a TL Autocannon. 3 shots instead of 1, all of which kill terminators/marines/MC.

In addition, you can still zoom 12 inches and fire whichever weapon is appropriate. Do you need the strength or the volume?

1 Weapon Destroyed result neuters a TL Lascannon Razorback. Lascannon / TL Plasma Guns are separate weapons, even though they're on the same turret. So even if you get a weapon destroyed and they take out the Lascannon, you now have a fast TL Plasma Gun platform. Or vice versa.

I can't say it enough. If you're going to get a TL Lascannon Razorback, get a Lascannon/TL Plasmagun instead. At least try it.

7 pinkments:

Adam said...

Jesus Will, where do you find the time to write all this stuff?

Chumbalaya said...

Agreed in a big way, las/plas ftw

The_King_Elessar said...

Damn right! lol

Nice to see something good come from that cesspit.

GWvsJohn said...

I agree that the L/P is the best of the RB, but I'm unimpressed with them. It's essentially a Tactical Squad with better mobility, except it's easier to silence the shooting. I think when all is said and done, people will migrate back to the objective clearing beast that is the MM/Flamer/Rhino Tactical Squad.

Surreptitious Muffin said...

What do you think of the TL assault cannon? It seems useful to me, but it never gets mentioned online.

Kirby said...

@Adam; amazing ability to multi-task on my thesis and type quickly :P? I generally have ideas bouncing around in my head before I type them down anyway.

@GWvsJohn; agree. Much prefer Rhino squads.

@Muffin; too expensive IMO. It has the chance to be as good as a lascannon against high AV and is significantly better against lower AVs and infantry but...ya same problem as TL LC in single gun syndrom (and still being as expensive) and generally what you have inside is better at anti-armor anyways (i.e. meltaguns) and thus I think the TL-HFlamer is abetter option (on BA).

I really overall agree with GWvsJohn. I think RB spam has its place and I think BA can take advantage of a few RBs compared to other armies but the Rhino squad in a regular army just adds more overall IMO.

Kirby said...

Oh also Adam it's "where do you find the time to post all this GOOD stuff?"...right? lol

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