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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rules: IC in combat

This came from GWvsJohn in a convo we were having and I've had a lot of troubles with this rule with younger players so thought I'd clear it up to any who are confused.

" - are there any rules more complicated than the IC in a unit in CC rules"

To which I replied, no (shocking!).

Everything is explained on p41 and p49 but I'll dumb it down. If the IC is part of the squad that assaults, he is part of that squad but for attack allocation consider the IC a seperate unit. This means if he is not in BtB he cannot attack (but still counts as part of the unit) and thus cannot be hit (seperate unit consideration). When he is in combat only those in BtB with the IC or not in BtB with anything else but within 2" of someone who is in BtB with the IC can attack the IC.

To summarise and quote myself;

" - just consider the IC a seperate unit for allocation purposes
- but otherwise he is part of the unit"

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Anonymous said...

First comment on you your blog. yey!

Strange you mention this...

In a game the other week, an opponent attempted to claim my IC was not part of my unit for combat resolution. He attempted to claim that I had to make 2 fearless saves for my unit and 2 fearless saves for my IC. I was pretty sure he was wrong and pointed the relevant part of the rule book, but that led to agro, so I took the saves. Surprise, surprise, I rolled good ol' snake eyes for my EC's fearless saves and he died!

I made no issue of it and just carried on. Was I wrong or right to question his grasp of the rulezzz?


Brother Loring!

Michael said...

Played a game last night and this came up exactly. Luckily my friend knew the right rules and corrected me as I tried to get my Sang Priest to swing in combat.

Anyways, good post of rules that tend to be forgotten, or ignored.

Kirby said...

Brother Loring; you were indeed right to question there. If the IC was part of the unit when it assaulted (i.e. at the end of the movement phase he was within 2"), he was part of the unit for purposes of combat resolution, falling back, I tests etc. but not for attack allocation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirby! That was pretty much my argument!

Thanks again!

Nice blog! I particularly like the pink!

MasterSlowPoke said...

Page 49, Independent Characters & Assaults

"Once all attacks have been resolved, these characters are once again treated as normal members of the unit they have joined (from determining assault results onwards)."

You're indeed right that the IC doesn't have to take fearless saves himself, and there are the rules to back you up if it ever happens again.

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