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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some things of note...

Sorry kids I've been quiet of late, got a couple of assignments due shortly and as some of you may have noticed Mrs. Kirby's and my own birthday are quite close together. The bottles of wine are pilling up! Others may have noticed (in fact, some of you may have noticed both of these!) we have a new author on 3++ in GWvsJohn. I'm not planning on handing out authorships but if anyone has ideas of merit and presents them to myself you never know. I'll add GWvsJohn's e-mail to the opening paragraph of the blog.

So, BA has finally been released. I will be doing my Armies in 5th articles for them but would like some opinions on what to do after them but I might wait on that next section to see what the rumors confirm as the next codex (wouldn't want to look at Eldar and then get a new codex to do now, would I?). Anyways, I'll more than likely be making the jumper BA army I posted before with some changes so another army on the table for least with this one all I need to do is buy about oh..30ish jump packs and magnetise my marines + paint up some Vanguard (i.e. Sang guard models).

I'll try and post two Armies in 5th articles today but all depends on my ability to work on my assignments as well. As always any questions just send them over.

Oh P.S., waiting on ethics but we should get permission soon to start handing out surveys for my research thesis so if anyone is interested I will most likely place a link to our site and would appreciate any number of participants :). It will all be explained on the site.

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Chumbalaya said...

Keep doing your thing, a couple days aren't gonna hurt anybody here :P

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