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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vassalmunda, part 2: Getting Started

Hey all, I've made a Google Group for our Vassal Necromunda campaign.

You do need a google account to join (I think) but it's free, and gmail is solid.

Anyone who is interested can email me ( or request membership through the group. Once people join up and start posting gangs, we can get started. :)


3 pinkments:

Dethtron said...

Out of curiousity how does necromunda work out on vassal? One of the things I liked about necromunda back in the day was the vertical element. True LOS and tall terrain made it a very different game than 40k. Seems like that might be hard to recreate.

Anonymous said...

It will be hard. You'll need to use labels on terrain and models to represent how tall things are and how high up the models are, and youll need to mutually agree on LOS

Chumbalaya said...

Ok, now all I have to do it make a gang that isn't shitty.

Oh crap, this is gonna be Mordheim all over again...

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