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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warseer & Lash

A thread was posted on Warseer recently about a BA army having trouble with Lash (o.O!) and I was quite impressed with some of the comments but not so with others. So let's look at what was said and how the army (without changes because he doesn't want changes) can do to win.

The list is a hybrid BA which I'm not a fan of but will suffice here. The Chaos player has 3 anti-tank units which are also his best anti-infantry units. His Plague marines are obviously min-maxed so can kill a max of 10 ASM but are more likely to kill around 3-5 and can barely ding AV13. So what's the problem? The BA player needs to reserve everything and drop his Jumpers around the oblits + whatever Preds come on that turn and he should be able to drop around two oblit squads (remember to combat squad). Too much has been oriented at killing the DPs such as...

LKHero: "You have enough shooting in that list to take down the two DPs on the first turn if he exposes them. Otherwise, just advance with cover on all your units and wait for him to cast. Once he casts, use all your shooting on the DP.

If you can't shoot the DPs, shoot the Oblits. Plague Marines die to multiple charges (which I suggest you do since 1 squad won't cut it). Preferred Enemy and Sanguine Sword for your Libby."

DPs aren't your top prioirty, only the oblits can reliably scare your tanks and are the Chaos player's best anti-infantry with the PCs. Who cares what the DPs do? Between them they'll get one Lash off and be able to move a 5 man squad on average 7" when you are already clumped (see below). Shoot the oblits first. Target priority fail if you don't. Who cares if you can get lashed if there is nothing that can damage you? And libby should have Blood Lance + Shield (maybe sword) in a jumper list.

Furthermore, Lash does nothing to Jumpers...

blackjack: "at 18" he can lash my unit out of cover and bunch them up then plasma them to death with Oblit plates. He easily has enough fire power to completely wipe out 2 of my assault units in a single turn."

Jumpers already come in a nice little pack, plasma cannons already get to screw around with them. Be more worried about him lashing you into cover where you need to take dangerous to move next turn but since none of your squads stand out as bigger targets because they are all small...well who cares if you lose one squad. He's got 4x5 Plagues and 3x3 Oblits that really scare you and you should of taken out most of the Oblits on T2.

Then there's a lot of people saying blackjack shouldn't complain about wanting to change his list (there's nothing really wrong with it IMO other than being Hybrid) and then to follow LKHero's advice (again why shoot what DOESN'T scare you, shoot what can do the most damage and isn't that survivable. 50% of what is being shot at them will be IDing in Lascannons & melta).

More quotes...

martin4696: "Librarian, Jump Pack
**** im guessing you are taking 5+ cover and st10...?

3x 10 Assault Marines, 2 Melta, Fist, inferno pistol.
3 Sanguinary Priests, Jump Packs, Power Weapons
**** hide these behind the armoured wall as much as you can

2 Baal Preds, Twin Assault Cannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, Dozer Blades
**** focus on this deamon princes with these kill one THEN move onto the other 1 (even if you take the 1st one down to 1 wound with the first baal finish him off)

3 Preds, Auto Cannon, 2 Laz Cannons
**** like already said focus on his oblits, you dont have to kill whole units but just take as many out as possible (if you can kill the oblits off you dont really need to worry about lash)"

Okay odd. There's some good advice here (i.e. if you can kill the oblits you don't really need to worry about Lash) and then some crap advice like spreading your firepower across targets... this is bad. Also, DPs can see over tank hulls because they are tall which means Lash can actually damage you as you try to be conventional and hide. Enter PC fun on those Jumpers. I've said it before here but why not Blood & Shield (or Sword) for Libby? If you're tailoring to the Lash list with powers...ya well tailoring is fail.

Anyways goes on for a bit more of the same but I still don't understand why some people can't get it through their heads. Lash sucks and against good non-mech armies doesn't bother them.

2 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

I like his name at least, blackjack is an awesome name for anything, a famous and awesome blog in particular.

Warseer is full of fail as always, lemmings fear the Lash when that's a stock shitty CSM list.

Kris said...

Heh, lash... you're a very special power. My old PDF jump pack army used to get bounced around by it. All I did was assault the bloody DP's turn two and all of a sudden it stopped working. Huh, go figure. Two baal preds are going to stand a very good chance of downing a daemon prince (and will do so on average with some room to spare).

Guns are good, lol.

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