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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Armies in 5th: Blood Angels Part 6: Summary

Well haven't done an Armies in 5th article in a while so I thought I'd do a summary of the BA. We've had a lot of articles on BA lately...good old new codex love but not all the information was put into the Article of 5th articles (some was rolled into other articles like How To's) but they covered the major aspects. This include the force mulipliers of FNP/FC bubbles and the different army styles in comparison to normal Marines. The Blood Angels codex has been out for a while now and whilst the internet is still harping on and on, I think they are overrating it and missing the differences between this codex and the previous Marine books.

The internet as a whole I believe doesn't understand that BA aren't Marines with more gadgets. Whilst BA are an excellent army I think the internet particularly puts them, SW and IG as "too" powerful above the rest of recent armies. On the contrary I think BA are a capable book which has excellent internal balance and relation to the other recently released books providing a little bit of everything for everyone.

So when we look at Blood Angels we aren't looking at Marines Redux but a completely different army. Ignoring the advantages FNP/FC army wide gives our little 3+ guys, Blood Angels are already operating on a seperate scale due to their Fast mech. BA pay for this and their mech and anything that incorporates it is a completely different army because of this. I've said it before but think mini-Eldar w/MEQ statlines. At the same time, I don't believe hybrid BA are workable because of the inter-reliance each section would have on the other. Whilst not exactly terrible, there is room for a wedge to be driven between your army factions.

Beyond this, BA are also capable of being a good assault army and foot army because of their FNP/FC bubbles. Whilst Warseer is currently debating which SM army is the best at assault, on an army wide basis BA come ahead of SW because of their ability to put FC on everyone of their units. I'll cover this more in-depth in a later topic. However, what FNP/FC does provide for BA is for them to operate as a foot list (Jumpers), hold midfield more comfortably with their Troops and as an army make them much more survivable (overcoming the extra cost for mech) and be able operate as a combat army without super units.

Really there isn't much more that can be said of BA that hasn't been covered already on this blog. Because of their diversity in mech and foot ability they are capable of making a multitide of lists which take advantage of these. Overall it becomes important when making a BA list not to try and get all the goodies and gadgets you'd like but think of a theme and work around that. BA are quite capable of making a multitude of lists based around similar concepts and here is a link for a bunch that I've put up here.

I'll try to get to work on some more Armies in 5th articles. Anyone have a preference for the next one?

3 pinkments:

Kris said...


On a more serious note, no real preference. Just wanted to thank you for everything you guys are doing. Keep it up. ;)

MasterSlowPoke said...

I'd say Imperial Guard (it's the only army I own that you haven't covered) but there's like a million words on them on a million websites.

Another marine codex looks like an appropriate segue from Blood Angels. Ultramarines or Space Wolves? You haven't really said a whole lot about Chaos Space Marines that doesn't involve making fun of warseer for lash.

Chumbalaya said...

I like BA a lot. I'll probably end up just sticking with my Bloodwing, but if I had unlimited funds I'd love to do up another mech army.

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