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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Email in: thanks and another request

“Hey Kirby just wanted to say thanks for helping me with that blood rodeo ard boy list. It did great massacring a dual lash and calgar codex horde in the first two missions but got massacred in the third by a foot slogging wolves list with only 15 kill points. I have a more challenging request for you now. I have an 1850 tournament coming up that I want to take my blood angels successor chapter the knights of blood and to be honest I don't play 1850 too much and don't really know what kind of balance between scoring units and hammers are different from 2000. My pride and joy of my 2k list are my 2 terminator units in storm ravens and I want to include them.

So basically an 1850 Blood Angel list that must include

1 Grey knight hero (Brother Captain or Grandmaster) with psychic hood and Grey knight Terminator Retinue
5x Assault Terminators any combination of hammers and claws
2x sanguinary priests
2x Storm Ravens with extra armor.

I know that is a lot of points and this may be a tall order but I was just wondering what you could throw together.”

Well first off, congratulations on the wins (Zachary placed 2nd in his ‘ard Boyz but isn’t going to the semis)! I think we can improve on the Blood Rodeo @ 2500 now we’ve got some more input from individuals so I’ll look at that later. I’ve asked Zachary if he can provide us with pics and/or battle reports which would be nice but okay if not! So let’s get onto his next request, Stormravens. I did a couple posts on them here and here and the general consensus is it’s not that great a balanced force and it’s really hard to fit everything in at 2000. We’ve got even less points here so let’s see what we can do.

So with what I’ve been given to work with we have 954 points already gone assuming BC + Retinue don’t have any goodies and we still need Troops and HQ. Let’s add in 2 Dreads first for those Ravens & a Libby w/Lance & Shield and we’ve got 586 points left. Not much is it. I originally said we only really want Speeders to go with our Fast Skimmer Ravens but let’s take a look at what Eddie suggested in the 2nd Stormraven link with small ASM in RBacks.

These babies w/TL-HF, meltagun & infernous pistol are 145 points meaning we can just squeeze in 4. Let’s see what we have then.

HQ -
Libby w/Blood lance & Shield of Sanguine
Brother Captain w/3x GKTs

Elites -
5x TH/SS Terminators
2x Sanguinary Priests

Troops -
4x 5x ASM w/meltagun, infernous pistol, Razorback w/TL-Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support -
Stormraven x2 w/EA
Dreadnought x2

Well go me being a duffer, we’ve got too many Heavy Supports. We’ll drop two infernous pistols from the ASM squads then and swap a Dreadnought for a Furioso w/magna grapple and I think that’s essentially what we are going to get at 1850. We could drop an ASM for some Speeders or beefing up the GKT but I think overall the list is a bit lacking and there isn’t that huge a need for Sanguinary Priests. I think going back to Eddie’s list if you want Terminators in Storm Ravens is your best bet. You’d need to drop the Furioso Libby upgrades & some pistols here and there to get it to 1850 (2 pistols actually) and I still might change around Mephiston for HG + Libby for a FNP/FC bubble, but I think that’s your best bet. You don’t get the 2x Terminators but I just can’t see a balanced BA list w/2x raven/termie combo. If you still want it I’d use the list given here as your basis for trial otherwise if you wanted to use Stormravens in a more ‘balanced’ army I’d go for trimming Eddie’s list.

3 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

You could ditch one unit of ASM for DC and fit in a DC Dread. A normal Dread doesn't appear to be doing all that much in a Raven, unless you're going for using it as a can opener at range for the real assaulty threat.

Grats on the Blood Rodeo, now I want one :P

Eddie said...

Ack! 2:14am and got to bed up in 5 hours but wanna post!

My opinion is - make a concession and lose the sanguinary priests. With fewer numbers they don't have as much of an effect while freeing up the slot and points will allow you to run 2 furiosos in the ravens :)

Kirby said...

I think with the assault aspect of the Termies you can live without the DC Dread though GKTs aren't TH/SS!

@Eddie; agreed there as well. Priests really come into it when you've got large squads of 10 ASM (and/or bikes). But I think your original list is a good idea. Mephy is essentially another rock ^^.

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