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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holiday: Take 2

The missus and I are off to a wedding (not ours) someplace safe, somewhere secret. I'll be gone the whole weekend so won't be posting or replying to anything! GWvsJohn has assured me he will post but the likelihood of that is...well minimal =D!

Have a good weekend and remember, Fire Dragons > Fuegan lol.


4 pinkments:

The_King_Elessar said...

But he has an 18" Meltagun! ;)

Chumbalaya said...

It's not the size baby, it's how you use it.

The_King_Elessar said...

You used my army wrong! Waaah! It's not shit, you are! Waaah! /tantrum...

Kirby said...

I'm back! Australian towns have odd names.

Like Jugalug (okay it was Juiong or something) and Ailing Forest (Eling Forest?).

Hope you missed me <3.

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