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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lords of Terra: 1750 Tyranids

So here's my thoughts for a 1750 Tyranid list for LoT, pretty much attempting to minimise the 2k swarmlord list down to 1750 and dropping the SL for a normal Hive Tyrant. Typical of my Tyranid lists with a steady advance backed up by excellent suppression fire and then weighing in with preferred enemy and poison attacks. I'm thinking of either Hormaguants or Raveners for the later backed up by Termagants & MCs. This list doesn't have as much firepower as my normal 2k list (obviously) and didn't include Harpies as it would require that much more modelling and painting. As it stands just need to buy/convert another 3rd ed Carnifex, Tervigons & Hive Guard + a lot of painting!

HQ -
Hive Tyrant w/HVC, Old Adversery, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, LW & BS

Tyrant Guard

Elites -
Hive Guard x2

Hive Guard x2

Hive Guard x2

Troops -
10x Termagants

10x Termagants

Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines

Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines

Heavy Support -
Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spiners, electroshock grubs

Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spiners, electroshock grubs

For 1600 pts which isn't enough for a decent Tyranid Warrior brood so I'm thinking either
15x Hormaguants w/Posion & Toxin (or 12x + 13x bare Hormaguants)
4x Raveners w/Rending Claws.
Thoughts on what I should take? The Raveners would require less painting! lol.

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GWvsJohn said...

With a smaller point value and 2 tervies, Might be tempted to run more Gants and use them as your CC/anti horde. Regardless, I think Hormues are better than Ravvys

Chumbalaya said...

I think the normal gants can handle infantry mop up themselves.

I'd go for the DL then use leftovers to pick up the Raveners.

AbusePuppy said...

I'm not really sure how your comp system works; what is it based off of, other than "the judges hate you and wanted to wreck your score because you did too well?" Are there even the vaguest of guidelines as to what you gain/lose points for? That would seem to be a big thing, since 20% of your score comes in right there.

Shitty comp aside, I think the "best" choice would be three more Hive Guard to round out the squads. That means you are pretty much guaranteed to break five Rhinos first turn, which makes most people really unhappy.

A big block of Gargoyles could be pretty strong if you could string it out right to take advantage of your Tyrant; you can fit 25 of them in there, although that's definitely a lot of painting to do. You are lacking in a clear way to deal with TH/SS Termies, though, so some sort of horde unit would probably be beneficial. (Termagants are often needed to score, otherwise they would qualify.)

Have you considered adding LW or BS to the Tyrant Guard? I find those both add a lot to the squad, but if you're mostly just shooting, it's not such a big deal. For that matter, if you're trying to add CC strength, a second Guard wouldn't be a bad idea.

Dessicator is almost always superior to Electroshock, except against Guard and the random 5+ save Eldar units.

Raveners are, I think, an underutilized unit; however, I haven't had enough time to really try them out myself. Everyone knows how strong Cavalry can be, though. And yeah, way less painting.

Deathleaper or Doom of Malan'tai (by combining the HG into 2x3) both have some potential. You have enough psychic powers to make a Hood annoying to deal with, and Doom would add a strong anti-infantry component for once you've broken all the metal boxes. Deathleaper is also just a great utility knife for a list like this, although with no reserves bonus they both become somewhat less attractive.

Kirby said...

I have no idea how comp is scored here but it's the comp Takk always goes on about from WargamersAU, so pretty much all my lists will fail on Comp as I have duplicates (not allowed!) and don't use bad units (because that's just silly).

In regards to the grubs, I think being able to flame out low save units is worth it compared to the 2+ on everything else, especially since S5.

The extra HG is an option but I think I'd be pretty happy with 3x2 (or 2x3 if I went for DL). DL would take up most of my remaining points btw Chumb :P.

I think it does come down to Hormas, Raveners or DL (though I'd prefer not for the DL to keep up with mech a bit more). Hormas do indeed offer me something I don't really need which can bring down Termies whereas Raveners suffer from ID (at the same time they offer target priority issues).

Will run some trial games on Vassal most likely so if anyone is up for a game :P.

Vinsanity said...

Sounds like you will get screwed by Takk on all three lists :p. Therefore, it follows that you should take the strongest of the three which you will be able to pump out in time for the tourney (which, knowing you, might be quite an ask :))

I'm not sure which one is the strongest so I'd go with the Nid one as it would require less painting than the other two (I believe).

I'd be up for going maybe, will still be uni break I think (fourth week?). Got any other mates planning to go?

Kirby said...

Takk is like most people who read this blog, anti-comp. It just changes where the "good list" (or in their words, broken, cheese, OP, etc.) bar is.

nids would require most painting I imagine but since I have a speed painting technique for the Gants/Guants...

Kyle is planning on coming so it'd be good if you came, too :P. 3++ FTW lol

AbusePuppy said...

FWIW, I expect that Raveners might curry you at least a little bit of favor with the comp crowd, since they're generally regarded as a "bad" unit. Possibly likewise for the Tyrannofexes.

Regarding the template weapons, my experience has been that denying Guardsmen their armor save is less useful than wounding Marines on a 2+, but as always YMMV. One option to try and sneak some more comp points in: take one of each (Dessicator, Electroshock) so your units aren't identical.

Kirby said...

I think Raveners will be it for the added charge range, target priority in relation to Hive Guard/MCs and put out an impressive amount of attacks + w/FNP are happy in assault.

In regards to template weapons, haven't really done the math but can crunch it later. Ah if only one of the templates was like Acid Spray <3.

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